How It Feels

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How It Feels, 'Hover Clouds' by R Yuki Agriardi
'Hover Clouds' by R Yuki Agriardi
How It Feels, 'Skyscraper Silhouettes 1 & 2, by Made Wianta
'Skyscraper Silhouettes 1 & 2', by Made Wianta
How It Feels
'Burning Forest', by Faizal

Why does looking at certain things trigger a unique set of emotions in each individual? In Mizuma Gallery’s newest group exhibition, six Indonesian artists – Dipo Andy, Faizal, Made Wianta, Pupuk Daru Purnomo, R Yuki Agriardi and Yoga Mahendra – present abstract paintings that attempt to extract the feelings associated with specific objects and images.

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