Mike Huckaby: The DMZ 003

Mike Huckaby: The DMZ 003

A superb collab between Darker Than Wax, Midnight Shift and Zouk, The DMZ is pulling out all the stops for its third instalment with Zouk resident DJ Ming kicking things off, playing a mix of bass, techno and house. Midnight Shift's Eddie Niguel keeps things flowing with booming electro beats, followed by Darker Than Wax label heads Funk Bast*rd and Kaye (known together as Cosa Nostra) for a sweet mish mash of soul, hip hop, electro and dub. Headliner of the night American DJ/producer Mike Huckaby steps up to the plate next, for a soulful blend of house and electro tunes, strengthened by his years of experience in the industry. And don't miss out on the sleek, psychedelic visuals by Avneesh.

Men $32, women $25, includes two drinks.


Event phone: 6738 2988
Event website: http://www.zoukclub.com