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Explore restaurants, which serve flavoursome Indian food in Colombo

South Indian dishes at Chutneys

Encompassing a variety of food from various regions of the country, Indian cuisine has a huge appeal. Be it the Biriyani of the north or Sambar of the south, Indian cuisine is a play of flavours. Enjoy a perfect meal at these restaurants, which will you give an exceptional dining experience and satisfy your platters.


If you are a lover of North Indian cuisine, Kandoori is the place to be. Though it is a multi cuisine restaurant, Kandoori has a delectable menu of Indian dishes, which has gained a reasonable fan following in the city. Tucked away from the traffic, it is located just around the corner of Savoy theatre in Wellawatte. The menu is exclusive and has almost all the popular Indian favourites. Treat yourself of to a meal of spices, from their choice of curries complemented by Indian breads, served straight from the ‘Tandoor’. The Butter panner– a gravy made of cottage cheese and tomato puree, with a slight hint of spices is a huge hit amongst vegetarians. But the restaurants signature dish is their Mutton Biriyani. With a cosy and homely ambiance, the restaurant will give you peaceful dining moments.



Hues of black, orange and a pink interior, make Chutney look dazzling and vibrant. The Tamil alphabetic letters on the ceiling give Chutneys a unique look. Chutneys promises to deliver traditional South Indian cuisine and culture. What makes Chutneys unique is the vast array of Indian Dishes, coming from the four states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. To deliver something innovative, Chutneys has taken efforts to bring out the delicious Dosai Thali. They also serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. If you are looking for a place for to enjoy with your family, chow down at Chutneys! 

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Shanker Somasundaram, Mohamed Naseer and Raj Sriskantha, inspired by the Moghul Empire whose best-known symbol of passion is the Taj Mahal, are behind the entire concept and theme of Agra. The restaurant has been designed following the cultural and architectural elements of the Taj Mahal. The restaurant truly reflects its name, Agra, in terms of the artistic and captivating environment.  The interior of the restaurant consists of a combination of black, yellow and white; it can accommodate 100 guests.  To back up the excitingly flavoured Indian cuisine Agra has a fully equipped bar, a kebab station located in the private garden as well as a private VIP room.

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Flavors, an Indian restaurant at Galadari Hotel Colombo, is an ideal place for spending some quality time with family and friends over good food. With its lively and warm interior, the restaurant possesses a graceful and placid ambiance. The wooden panels, soothing lighting, artistic décor, plush chairs and grand table settings, Flavors provides a great backdrop to go along with its delicious food.  Flavors’ menu comprises of a rich selection of exotic delicacies and palates from various regions including Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Punjabi, Karnataka, Chettinad, Kerala, Bengal and Goa. 

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Among the dining opportunities at the Taj Samudra Hotel, Navratna concentrates on the sweet and succulent flavours of Indian cuisine. In addition to timeless North and South Indian dishes, Navratna takes pride in serving rich Indian desserts such as Gulab Jamun, Kulfi or Ras Malai, and classic Indian beverages. The décor at Navratna adds an exotic and artistic touch to the restaurant. The walls display flamboyant scenes depicting the Indian tradition and culture, while sculpted pillars support the ceiling. The eloquence from the traditional Indian music by talented musicians adds to the charm of Navratna.

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