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Funny things to ask Siri when you're bored

Our old friend Siri isn't just knowledgeable, she can be seriously funny too.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan
Gerrish Lopez

Sure, now that we’re deep into 2023, ChatGPT is all anyone’s talking about now. But let’s not forget about our old, trusted friend Siri. She was there way before any of this AI nonsense, and she’s never done us wrong. We still love you Siri. You’re more fun. 

Let’s not forget: Siri can pretty much do anything you need from a phone. Should I bring a jacket today? Siri has you covered. Good Italian food near me? No probs. Romantic vacations in the USA? Just leave her to it. 

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But if you didn’t know already, Siri’s not just useful for pretty much everything. She can also be a right hoot. For some reason, Siri is programmed to give some hilarious answers to very specific questions. So next time you’re bored and your friends aren’t around to entertain you, how about asking Siri some questions instead? She might just make you laugh out loud. 

The best part about this quirky Siri feature is that she may give different answers to the same question, so you can ask again and again. Ask her on a date, she may tell you she doesn’t date humans. Or she may tell you she already has plans for the night. Ask her to tell you a joke or a story and she has a vault full. Pry into her personal life and you’ll be surprised by what she responds. You can even shout rude things at her to get a rise out of her, but be sure to apologize afterwards, she won’t hold a grudge. Here’s a list of some of the best things to ask Siri:

Siri, what’s your favorite movie?

Siri, how smart are you?

Siri, what do owls say?

Siri, why are you so serious?

Siri, can you give me some money?

Siri, can you make me laugh?

Siri, what’s the meaning of your name?

Siri, what’s the best pick-up line?

Siri, do you have a boyfriend?

Siri, what’s a good knock-knock joke?

Siri, can you sing me a song?

Siri, can pigs fly?

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