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4 new Japanese films and series coming to Netflix this September

Everything you’ve been waiting for: the original ‘Death Note’ anime, Marie Kondo’s latest series on sparking joy, and more
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September’s fresh lineup of films and series on Netflix is full of crowd favourites that are bound to keep you entertained all month. We’ve got an all-new series on the ins and outs of ‘sparking joy’ from Marie Kondo, as well the latest instalment of Sailor Moon – a long-awaited feature Netflix had released everywhere earlier in June except in Japan.

Whether you’re revisiting childhood favourites or looking for something fresh and fun, Netflix has got you covered with something for everyone. (Note: regional restrictions may apply.)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal

Synopsis:Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie' serves as a direct sequel to the most recent episode of the Sailor Moon series. It expands on the ‘Dream’ story arc featured in the original manga by Naoko Takeuchi and begins with a celebration of a total solar eclipse in Tokyo.

Later, when the Dead Moon Circus appears to spread their nightmarish incarnations across the world, Usagi and the other Sailor Soldiers must protect the universe and stop the evildoers from getting to the Legendary Silver Crystal. 

Overview: Earlier this year, ’90s anime icon Sailor Moon returned to Japanese cinemas with an all-new film titled 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie'. The release marked the return of the heroine after a 26-year hiatus from the big screen. The film was released in two parts – both 80 minutes long – for a total running time of 160 minutes.

It may have been a while since you last revisited this childhood favourite. However, with work by the franchise’s original character designer Kazuko Tadano and appearances from all the core characters, this Sailor Moon film will be as dazzling as you remember it to be. Available August 30

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

Synopsis: Keeping the home tidy is a struggle for many, but it isn’t the only thing people have to worry about in an age where it’s easy to get burnt out from juggling too many responsibilities. In this all-new series, we see Marie Kondo visit more homes for a transformative makeover.

This time however, the tidying-up guru is focused on helping people achieve a better work-life balance. From a father-and-son gardening business to a tired working mom with little time to herself, every episode features a uniquely different story that will deeply resonate with audiences. 

Overview: For fans who couldn’t get enough of Kondo’s life-changing secrets to cleaning and organising, this cheerful and heartwarming new show is all about decluttering your heart and mind as well as your living space. At a time when most of the world is still working from home, this motivating three-part series couldn’t have come at a better time to lift audiences out of that monotonous mid-pandemic slump. Available August 31

Death Note
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Death Note (anime series)

Synopsis: Light Yagami is a fiercely intelligent high school student who feels bored and under-stimulated with his student life. One day, Light comes across a mysterious black journal on the ground. The notebook, Light discovers, grants the owner god-like powers with the ability to kill a person simply by writing their name in the pages.

Light decides to use his newfound abilities to kill wanted criminals, but the fact that his father is a lead detective in the police force complicates his schemes. It’s not long before Light finds himself in a high stakes battle of wits to keep from getting caught. 

Overview: No Japanese anime series has ever quite managed to make the kind of impact ‘Death Note’ has created around the world. This dark yet clever 2006 thriller was the gateway anime that led many people to fall in love with the art form.

Its success as a manga-to-screen adaptation has resulted in several live-action adaptations as well as a ‘Death Note Musical’. Netflix even went as far as to make its own version of ‘Death Note’ in 2017. But given the film’s appalling reviews, fans of the original material will be relieved to finally be able to watch the original anime on the streaming platform. Available September 1 


Synopsis: Shun and Nagisa fell in love as students in high school. Despite Shun’s feelings for Nagisa, Nagisa broke off the relationship shortly after finishing university as he didn’t want to be in a serious relationship with a man.

Years pass and Nagisa has gone on to get married and even fathers a child, but he is unable to shake his feelings for Shun. Taking his six-year-old-daughter along for the journey, Nagisa goes to visit a small rural town in Gifu, where Shun now lives, and contemplates rekindling the relationship he didn’t have the courage to pursue when he was younger. 

Overview: Starring Him Miyazawa as Shun and Kisetsu Fujiwara as Nagisa, this seamlessly woven tale of a same-sex couple is a refreshing depiction of modern relationships and the changing attitudes toward LGBTQ+ romances. Sparring viewers from teenage melodrama or over dramatised declarations of love, this quietly bold and genuine film is both a heart-tugging love story as well as an eye-opening reflection on societal issues among the LGBTQ+ community. Available September 5

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