7-Eleven Olympic Village food
Photo: Youka Nagase

7-Eleven now offers meals from the Tokyo Olympic Village

The food at the Tokyo Olympic Village received high praise from athletes – now you can try out the dishes for yourself

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Many international athletes who were here for the Tokyo Olympics had raved about the food at the dining halls in the Olympic Village. The two canteens, one of which is 24 hours, served up a whopping 700 food items from pizza, pasta and stir-fry to Indian curry, okonomiyaki and even diet-specific dishes.

Those who don’t have access to the Olympic Village – us included – have been feeling a bit of FOMO. But there’s good news: now you can get your hands on some of the popular dishes at 7-Eleven stores across Japan.

You can try a small selection of the Japanese dishes offered at the Olympic Village. There’s cold somen noodles in tomato sauce, topped with tomato, okra, steamed chicken and shiso leaves (¥550), as well as a rice bento set featuring fried salmon with honey lemon dressing and chicken with tomato sauce (¥537).

You could also get the summer oden set (¥388), which comes with a fish cake plus an assortment of veggies steeped in cold dashi broth. For a sweet ending, go for the green zunda (sweet edamame paste) panna cotta (¥246).

All four dishes are available for a limited time only at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. So sprint like an athlete towards your nearest 7-Eleven konbini if you’re curious to see whether the food lives up to the hype.

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