Chocolate mint beer
Photo: Sapporo Holdings

Beer for dessert? Try this chocolate mint-flavoured beer from Sapporo

This sweet, dark dessert beer will only be available for a limited time

By Youka Nagase

Tokyo residents are urged to not visit bars after 8pm under the second state of emergency. However, there are ways you can still treat yourself to a drink or two at home: you can make a quick dash out to your local konbini or order craft beer to be delivered from the breweries straight to your door.

Now, one of Japan’s leading beer brands, Sapporo, is releasing a limited edition chocolate mint-flavoured beer, which will be available nationwide via online sale starting February 2.

Chocolate mint beer
Photo: Sapporo Holdings

This chocolate mint-flavoured beer is the ninth release under Sapporo’s Hoppin’ Garage series, a label launched in 2018 to explore innovative beer flavours. The dark, stout-like beer is meant to be enjoyed as a dessert after your meal. You could even pour it over your ice cream like a topping, or affogato, but with beer instead of espresso.

You can order a dozen of Sapporo’s chocolate mint beer online starting February 2 (from ¥3,980). Otherwise, Tokyoites can wait until February 8 to purchase the beer directly at Ginza Lion’s Shimbashi Training Center outlet. 


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