Discover Sumida's best local spots with our updated guide map

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Time Out Tokyo Editors

It's been a little over two years since we released the first version of our popular '67 things to do in Asakusa, Sumida' guide map in association with Tobu Railways, and we're on to our whopping fourth edition already – complete with a fancy cover that proves Asakusa and Sumida aren't just daytime destinations. As the two-part title gives away, it's not all about Asakusa alone, but also the less thoroughly explored streets on the east side of the Sumida River, from Mukojima and the Skytree all the way down to Kameido and Ryogoku.

Inside, you'll find updated coverage on where to dodge the crowds around touristy Sensoji, unique spots that prove there's more to Kameido than their famed gyoza and yakiniku joints, plus lots of hole-in-the-wall venues loved by locals on the stretch between Ryogoku and Kinshicho. It's the best way to get your shitamachi (old downtown) vibe on: eastern Tokyo is where it's at these days. 

Just like all the other guide maps in our series, this one is now available for free at distribution points across the city, from the Shibuya Station Tourist Information Centre to bars, shops and major hotels, while you can of course also pick up your copy at our very own Time Out Café & Diner in Ebisu. If you're already in the area, head straight for the information centre inside the Tokyo Skytree to get one. 

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