Japanese spiderman
Photo: Marvel

Disney+ documentary 'Marvel’s 616' uncovers the mysteries of the Japanese Spider-Man

The first episode is all about ‘Supaidaman’, Japan’s bizarre 1970s TV series based on the webslinger

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Did you know that there was a Japanese version of Spider-Man in the Marvel universe? If you didn’t know, you’ll want to check out the new documentary Marvel’s 616 available on Disney+. The first episode of the documentary highlights the 1978 live-action television series of Japanese Spider-Man, otherwise officially known as ‘Supaidaman’.

As the trailer above shows, Supaidaman is completely different from the Spidey we know and love. Japanese Spider-Man, played by Shinji Todo and stuntman Hirofumi Koga, goes by the decidedly more Japanese name Takuya Yamashiro, rather than Peter Parker. He even has a totally different background to Parker, starting out as a motocross racer who swaps his trusty bike for a giant battle robot to fight evil aliens. He’s got a slew of other gadgets, too, including a flying car. To top it all off, the documentary even shows clips of him saving the capital, climbing up iconic structures such as Tokyo Tower. 

Japanese Spider-Man
Photo: Marvel

If all that sounds totally off the wall, don’t worry – the new documentary explains how this peculiar Marvel spin-off came to be. Who knows, after watching, you might just feel the urge to binge-watch the entire series to find out what becomes of Supaidaman. 

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