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FamilyMart Japan now has its own clothing line

Convenience Wear features simple, classic apparel for everyday functionality, designed by the founder of Facetasm

Emma Steen

If furniture stores can have their own apparel lines (remember Ikea?), why shouldn’t convenience stores have them too? Venturing beyond its ever-popular Famichiki fried chicken, FamilyMart Japan has just announced the release of its new clothing line aptly called ‘Convenience Wear’. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic, demands for late-night businesses have dropped considerably – and FamilyMart felt the need to find a new revenue stream. Enter the Convenience Wear line.

Convenience Wear
Photo: FamilyMart

Unlike the bare essential clothing items that the chain used to stock for last-minute emergencies – think neckties and briefs– FamilyMart wanted this new clothing collection to be of good material and design. To put the new apparel line on the map, and perhaps on the same playing field as other popular casual fashion brands like Uniqlo, FamilyMart asked Hiromichi Ochiai, founder of renowned Japanese streetwear label Facetasm, to design the clothes. 

The full collection, now available in stores nationwide, features gender-neutral pieces made with lightweight, quick-drying fabrics that won’t chafe if you sweat in them. Apart from t-shirts, camisoles, socks and undergarments, the collection also features eco-bags and towels in different colours and patterns – all for less than ¥1,000. 

Guess we can all just live off convenience stores in Japan now.

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