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Ghibli Park to start selling passes for all areas of the theme park

Currently, you'll need a separate ticket for each area of Ghibli Park

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Kaila Imada

Ghibli Park is one of Japan’s hottest attractions right now. The theme park opened its new Princess Mononoke area in early November and is set to unveil its final phase with the Valley of Witches, set to open on March 16 2024. Currently, to visit the park, you must buy a separate ticket for each area. But you'll be glad to know that soon you'll be able to buy passes that allow you to enjoy separate areas of the theme park in one day.

These new tickets will go on sale in January 2024 for visits in March 2024. From then on, Ghibli Park will no longer offer separate tickets for each area.

So if you’re planning to visit from next March, you’ll have to choose from three different passes: Ghibli Park Stroll Ticket, Ghibli Park Big Stroll Ticket, or the Ghibli Park Premium Big Stroll Ticket.

The Ghibli Park Stroll Ticket costs ¥1,500 on weekdays and ¥2,000 on weekends (¥750/¥1,000 for children aged 4-12). It gives you access to the outdoor areas of Dondoko Forest, Hill of Youth, Mononoke Village and Valley of the Witches. It's important to note that the ticket does not include entry to Ghibli's Grand Warehouse or to the buildings, restaurants and shops in the park. Additionally, you cannot go on rides like the merry-go-round in the Valley of Witches or take part in activities like mochi-baking at Mononoke Village.

The Ghibli Park Big Stroll Ticket costs ¥3,500 on weekdays and ¥4,000 on weekends (¥1,750/¥2,000 for children). This ticket gets you into all five areas of the park including Ghibli's Grand Warehouse. You can also visit shops and restaurants as well as enjoy rides and activities in each designated area. The only places you will not be allowed to enter with this ticket are the buildings in the Valley of Witches, Dondoko Forest and Hill of Youth. 

Finally, the Ghibli Park Premium Big Stroll Ticket costs ¥7,300 on weekdays and ¥7,800 on weekends (¥3,650/¥3,900 for children). It gives you complete access to the park including all sections and buildings.

Under the new ticketing system, Ghibli Park will remain free for children aged three and younger.

For more ticketing information, visit the website.

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