Japan has created new robots to serve you an ice cream cone in 32 seconds

The dog- and dinosaur-robots can create that perfect soft-serve swirl in a matter of seconds

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada
Associate Editor, Time Out Tokyo

With people looking for contactless solutions in this day and age of Covid-19 coronavirus, robots have never been more relevant. Japan has already started rolling out robot ‘employees’ at convenience stores and fast food chains, and we can now add these adorable ice cream robots to the list. 

As the video above demonstrates, the new Soft Cream Robots by Japanese company Connected Robotics are designed to mimic a dog and dinosaur respectively, and they are made specifically for serving soft-serve ice cream (also called ‘soft cream’ in Japan). These ice cream robots are so efficient that they can create that perfect ice cream swirl in exactly 32 seconds. 

Ice cream robot
Photo: Connected Robotics

To order, you just need to tap on a tablet to choose your flavour, toppings and whether you want the ice cream in a cup or cone. After that, the robot gets to work. A cone is dropped into the robot’s holder before going under the machine where the ice cream is dispensed. The robot methodically moves back and forth to create that picture-perfect swirl before handing the ice cream directly to you. As a dramatic effect, the dinosaur-robot can even releases a short spurt of smoke when your cone is ready for pick-up.

Although the video only shows the dog- and dinosaur-robots, the options are not limited to just those two. Connected Robotics is willing to work with companies to create custom characters or mascots that represent their brands. 

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