Godiva Lawson Christmas cake
Photo: Lawson Co., Ltd.

Lawson is offering a decadent Godiva chocolate cake for Christmas

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas – the Godiva cake is now open for reservation

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Kaila Imada

While Tokyo is home to numerous patisseries and dessert cafés, you can also get decadent desserts at your local konbini. With the holiday season just a few months away, Lawson has released a new selection of Christmas cakes created in collaboration with some of Tokyo’s top patisseries and confectionery brands.

The highlights is, of course, this Godiva chocolate cake. Lawson has previously worked with the Belgian chocolatier to create small desserts and even a peculiar chocolate beef curry bun

Godiva Lawson Christmas cake
Photo: Lawson Co., Ltd.

The Uchi Cafe x Godiva Noel chocolate cake retails for ¥4,950. It features a rich and moist chocolate gâteau base stacked with layers of crispy feuilletine, chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse, all coated in a beautiful chocolate mirror glaze. The cake measures at 13cm in diameter, so it’s enough for three to four people.

Godiva Lawson Christmas cake
Photo: Lawson Co., Ltd.

Lawson also has two other Christmas cakes if you’re looking for variety beyond chocolate. There’s a strawberry and pistachio cake in collaboration with famed pâtissier Sadaharu Aoki of Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris (pictured left; ¥5,200) as well as a pretty pink strawberry shortcake supervised by patissier Minako Imada (pictured right; ¥6,000).

Reservations for the cakes are open until December 18, with delivery scheduled between December 19 to 25.

For more information, visit Lawson’s website.

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