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Out now: Godiva teams up with Lawson for an exclusive chocolate almond cup

The budget-friendly luxe dessert is now available at all Lawson convenience stores – but for a limited time only

Emma Steen

It’s not easy to come away from the konbini with just the bare essentials, especially when the dessert shelves are always stocked with an ever-changing range of irresistible treats. Newly released at Lawson, for instance, is a luxe-looking chocolate dessert that’s created by the convenience store’s in-house brand Uchi Café and premium Belgian chocolatier Godiva. 

This isn’t the first collaboration between Godiva and Lawson; so far a total of 44 products have been released with demand for sweet treats rising notably during stay-home protocols during the pandemic. Most of the desserts, ranging from baked goods to pudding pots, flew off the shelves quickly, though the peculiar chocolate beef curry pan released last season was understandably less popular. 

The new chocolate almond dessert, Cinq Chocolat Amande, is a French-inspired creation featuring five variations of chocolate flavours in the dessert. In the cup, a chocolate mousse base is topped with crushed biscuit, chocolate sponge, chocolate almond paste and dusted with cocoa powder. The dessert is now available for ¥480 in Lawson stores nationwide while stocks last.  

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