Dassai sake shake
Photo: Mos Burger; Design: Zineb Bektachi

Mos Burger is releasing a Dassai sake shake on December 28

A vanilla shake with sweet amazake sounds delicious – but it's non-alcoholic though

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Jessica Thompson

Fast food chain Mos Burger is bringing back its highly requested drink with a distinctly Japanese spin, collaborating with Yamaguchi-based sake brewery Asahi Shuzo, makers of the highly regarded Dassai sake.

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Called Mazeru Shake Dassai, the drink comes with a layer of non-alcoholic amazake (sweet sake) at the bottom, topped up with Mos Burger’s creamy vanilla shake. Amazake is a fermented brew of rice, koji and water that’s often served at shrines around New Year’s Eve. It has a distinctively funky smell and taste, which goes very nicely with a vanilla shake.

The Mazeru Shake Dassai will be on sale at Mos Burger stores from December 28 until supplies last. The shakes start at ¥380 for a small and ¥450 for a medium.

If you can’t wait that long, there’s plenty of other amazake-infused food and drinks in Tokyo, like the amazake iced coffee at Engawa Cafe.

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