Muji Ginza
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Muji starts furniture rental service in Japan

You can now furnish your home in the style of Muji from just ¥300 per month

Tabea Greuner
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Tabea Greuner

Japan’s world-conquering minimalist lifestyle brand Muji is constantly expanding its range of products and services. Besides opening its first Muji hotel in Japan in Ginza, offering free drinking water at major stores, and selling a new series of plant-based meat substitutes, the well-loved brand has just released its first furniture rental service in the country.

Muji rental furniture
Photo: © Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.

With this service that’s available at 182 stores across Japan, you can choose among four differently sized beds, two tables, three chairs and four different types of stackable shelves. Rental plans are available between one to four years, where the longest contract period offers the cheapest monthly rates. If you plan to rent a Muji chair for four years, for example, the monthly fee will only set you back between ¥300-¥400, depending on the type of chair. Note that the shipping cost of the furniture will be added to your first month’s bill.

After the end of your contract, you can either return the items, extend your contract (four-year contracts excluded), or purchase the furniture. The items returned to Muji will be rented out again or sold as second-hand furniture after refurbishment.

This is a great solution for those staying for a short period in Japan, as furniture disposal is rather pricey here. Or, if you’ve always wanted a Muji home but find the upfront purchase cost of Muji furniture too prohibitive.

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