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Olympic organisers and the Japanese government are considering allowing local spectators

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may allow spectators in the stands, but only if strict Covid-19 measures are in place

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Kaila Imada

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games a mere two months away, organisers and the Japanese government are still discussing the possibility of having spectators at the Games. As reported by The Japan Times, a growing number of officials are in favour of allowing domestic fans at the Games if thorough anti-coronavirus measures are put in place. 

Olympic organisers are scheduled to meet sometime in June to make a final decision on local spectators. While Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is reportedly in favour of allowing spectators, some officials are leaning away from having spectators, arguing that barring fans will put less strain on the operations of the Games and allow for more focus on coronavirus countermeasures for athletes.

Moreover, if only a limited number of people will be allowed inside venues, then some kind of lottery to determine which ticket holders can attend will most likely be necessary. However, the article notes that time is running out for organisers to make a final call and put such a system in place.

Olympic organisers are planning to implement Covid-19 safety measures based on three key policies: cutting the number of people coming into Japan from abroad, careful restrictions on participant behaviour and a full review of the medical system. Within this framework, there are plans to conduct 50,000 to 60,000 Covid-19 tests per day for athletes and Olympic workers. 

The report also states that having no spectators at Games events will remain a last-minute option if the Covid-19 situation continues to escalate. 

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