Redhorse Osaka Wheel - zombie Ferris Wheel

Osaka now has a zombie Ferris wheel for summer

Go for a terrifying ride on Japan’s biggest Ferris wheel, complete with zombies, hauntings and ominous creaking sounds


Japan’s scorching summer is the season for all things scary. In August, the Buddhist Obon festival takes place, when the spirits of the dead are believed to return to their families, meaning it’s peak time for spooky movies, attractions and events.

One of this year’s scariest attractions is taking place in Osaka. Japan’s biggest Ferris wheel, the Redhorse Osaka Wheel in the city’s Expo Commemoration Park, has launched the disturbingly named Zombie Ferris Wheel of Hell (in Japanese only), with four of its gondolas being turned into small-scale, pitch-black haunted houses. 

Redhorse Osaka Wheel
Photo: ©2020 地獄のゾンビ観覧車

Put on the supplied headphones and sit tight for a roughly 20-minute ride on this 123m tall wheel. You can expect zombies to appear on screens inside the cabin, ominous creaking sounds, and rumpling effects in your seat to add to the spooky ambience. This ride is definitely not for scaredy cats, because unlike any other haunted house, you won’t be able to simply escape out the front door. You’ll need to keep your wits about you, though, because the ride includes an interactive mystery for you to solve, resulting in different endings based on your actions.  

The park is also offering flavoured Zom-Beer (¥700) and non-alcoholic Zombie Drinks (¥500), but we recommend not getting on a ride this terrifying with a full bladder.

The Zombie Ferris Wheel of Hell runs until September 30, and tickets can be purchased here (from ¥1,500; Japanese only). 

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