Cafe Crepe Angels Heart
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Popular Harajuku crepe shop Angels Heart has closed down after 36 years in business

A landmark on Takeshita Dori, Café Crepe Angels Heart may be gone for now but it’s looking for a new location

Kaila Imada

Takeshita Dori in Harajuku is known for its crazy crowds, colourful stores and plethora of sweet shops that have turned this street into a world-famous destination. One of the pioneers of Harajuku’s kawaii culture and the first crepe shop to open here, Café Crepe Angels Heart has unfortunately shuttered for good.

Opened back in 1983, the takeaway crepe store was characterised by its eye-catching pink exterior, large hearts and a colourful fake food display. It used to turn out at least 3,000 crepes per day. Tourists and locals were often seen lining up for its sweet and savoury crepes, which featured fillings from ice cream, fruit and fresh cream to ham and egg salad. 

As reported by the Shibuya Economic Newspaper, the store’s closure is due to its expired lease. However, Café Crepe Angels Heart is considering setting up shop in another location on either Takeshita Dori or nearby Cat Street.

Although the iconic shop will no longer be open, those craving crepes can still get their fix in the area. Cafe Crepe, the company overseeing Café Crepe Angels Heart, still operates two other shops in Tokyo: Cafe Crepe at Laforet Harajuku and Cafe Crepe at Roppongi Hills

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