Mercer Bis
Photo: Mercer BisMini chiffon cakes

Shibuya’s Tokyu Food Show has a new Sweets Zone with over 30 stores

The shops offer cheesecakes, cannoli and more sweet treats that are exclusive to the department store food hall

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Dina Kartit

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you'll be pleased to hear this: One of Shibuya's largest and most diverse food halls, Tokyu Food Show, has just opened its Sweets Zone. The food hall inside the Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya Mark City has been revamped as part of a large-scale renovation of the Tokyu store. 

Located on the building's first floor, the long-awaited Sweets Zone opened on June 1 has about 37 stores featuring popular Japanese and international confectionery and patisserie brands.

Daisan Mannendo Hanare's Dorapan
Photo: Daisan Mannendo HanareDorapan

One of them is Daisan Mannendo Hanare, a long-established Japanese confectionery store best known for its Dorapan, a simple yet decadent sweet burger made with chewy rice flour bread and stuffed with red bean paste, soy milk whipped cream and fruit.

Mercer Bis Shibuya Store
Photo: Mercer BisCaramel chiffon cake

Another store is Mercer Bis, popular for its photogenic cakes. The brand specialises in chiffon cakes made with rice flour, covered with whipped cream to create a silky texture, generously drizzled with bittersweet caramel sauce  and topped with nut flakes. Strawberry, almond chocolate, and matcha with white chocolate are just some of the other flavours available. You can see the chefs baking these gorgeous cakes through a window outside the store.

Tokyu Food Show's Sweets Zone will also have exclusive limited-edition goods such as La Durée's lychee and rose-flavoured roll cake, Anni Baum’s cheesecake pie, a cannoli made of croissant dough from Boul'Ange and more. 

This  marks the second part of Tokyu Department Store's three-stage renovation plan. The first phase included the Grocery Zone on the basement floor, which opened in September 2020 with 13 stores selling fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and cheese. There's also a selection of sake, shochu and spirits on sale, as well as a wine tasting machine.

Shibuchika Street
Photo: Tokyu Department StoreAn artist's impression of Shibuchika Street

The last stage will be the opening of the Deli Zone in Shibuchika – a retro-style shopping street beneath Shibuya Station – on July 10. About 54 stores will offer a wide range of delicacies including bento boxes from popular restaurants around the city.

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