Starbucks releases a Japan-exclusive cherry blossom collection – and here's the price list

Stock up on pretty pink tumblers, mugs and stationery just in time for sakura season

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

With cherry blossom season just around the corner, Starbucks has released its coveted sakura drinkware collection on Wednesday February 17. The annual spring merchandise is only available in Japan and they are a hot ticket item. People often line up before the stores even open just to snag the key pieces from the pretty pink collection.

Starbucks Japan sakura drinkware
Photo: Starbucks Japan

There are 20 items in the Starbucks Japan cherry blossom series: 13 different mugs, cups and tumblers, along with a drawstring bag, sakura-shaped ceramic case, a furoshiki wrapping cloth, a notebook and more. To help you plan your shopping, here’s the full list of prices.

  1. Vertical Gradation mug (¥2,000)
  2. Organic cotton gift bag (¥350)
  3. Stackable ceramic case (¥2,800) 
  4. Pink Breath tumbler (¥1,800)
  5. Gloss Flowers stainless bottle (¥4,000)
  6. Colour Blocking stainless bottle (¥4,100)
  7. Blue Breath tumbler (¥1,900)
  8. White Breath stainless bottle (¥3,600)
  9. Pleats stainless tumbler (¥4,200)
  10. Shiny Flowers bottle with silicone lid (¥2,500)
  11. Pink Breath To Go stainless cup (¥3,700)
  12. Aerial Handy stainless bottle (¥4,500)
  13. Pink heat resistant glass (¥2,500)
  14. White Breath mug (¥2,000)
  15. Pink Breath stainless mug (¥3,000)
  16. Furoshiki (¥2,000)
  17. Starbucks mini cup gift (¥950)
  18. Starbucks Scan Pass ring notebook in pink or white (¥480 each)
  19. White breath beverage card (¥620)
  20. Aerial beverage card (¥620)
Starbucks Japan sakura drinks
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Concurrently, Starbucks Japan has also introduced two limited-edition sakura drinks – a Sakura Fuwari Berry Frappuccino (¥590, tall) and a Sakura Fuwari Berry Milk Latte (from ¥450). These seasonal beverages are both accented with sweet strawberries to make them all the more pink. The latte is available until March 16 while the Frappuccino will still be on the menu until April 13.

Starbucks Japan sakura drinkware
Photo: Starbucks Japan

For gifting, there are four sakura-themed cards available exclusively online at ¥1,800 each (with preloaded ¥1,000 credit).

If you're hoping to snag something from the collection, some of the items can still be purchased through the Starbucks Japan online store.

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