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Support Equality Act Japan in its fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Japan

The NPO will be submitting a public petition for LGBTQ+ equality to the National Diet in March

Emma Steen

In order to see Japan catch up to countries that have implemented anti-discrimination laws for the protection of LGBTQ+ minorities, Equality Act Japan has been tirelessly campaigning for the same rights in this country. The non-profit organisation will be presenting its case for anti-discrimination laws at a legislative session with the National Diet in March and a petition is being circulated for the purpose of this meeting. 

Anyone from around the world can sign the online petition, which the organisation will use to support their argument for change in legislation. Equality Act Japan emphasises that the next few months are critical in terms of changing legislation for the protection of LGBTQ+ minorities as Japan is still on track to host the Tokyo Olympics this summer, an event intended to celebrate diversity as well as athletic abilities. Currently, Japan is the only member in the Group of Seven countries that doesn’t legally ban discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals. 

You can easily support the petition and the cause by signing your name along with your nationality and email address at the organisation’s website. The petition will close on February 21 2021. 

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