FamilyMart famichiki bun
Photo: FamilyMart; Design: Zineb Bektachi

FamilyMart now offers its famous fried chicken as burgers

Sink your teeth into this delicious stack of ‘Famichiki’ fried chicken burger

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Japan has the best convenience stores in the world, not least because of its reasonably priced and delicious ready-to-eat hot meals. FamilyMart in particular is known for its fried chicken, which is lovingly called ‘Famichiki’ by locals.

Good news: you can now enjoy the famous boneless fried chicken in the form of a burger. All you have to do is top up an extra ¥88 to purchase a Famichiki Bun separately, which comes ready with a tartar sauce spread. Then, just insert a piece of Famichiki and voila – an instant fried chicken burger!

FamilyMart famichiki bun
Photo: FamilyMart

The FamilyMart Famichiki fried chicken burger was originally launched in just a few cities in the Kanto region, but it’s now available at FamilyMart outlets nationwide.

You can opt for a simple burger with just a fried chicken and bun for ¥268. Otherwise, switch it up with a spicy chicken (¥286 with bun) or even a gratin croquette (¥208 with bun) for a change. To make this a bigger meal, you can also upgrade your burger by adding toppings like veggies and condiments from the refrigerated section (to be purchased separately, of course). 

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