Keep Distance Ruler
Photo: Kaila Imada

This new iPhone tool helps you maintain proper social distancing

The augmented-reality ruler measures those crucial two metres of space between you and your friends

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Two metres sounds like a simple distance to keep in mind – it’s roughly the length of two tatami mats or one tuna – but if you’re having trouble visualising that critical safe social distance, your phone can help. iPhone users can now download a handy augmented-reality ruler, which uses your phone camera to measure a safe two-metre radius around your body. 

Developed by motion graphics artist Keisuke Terashima, the ‘Keep Distance Ruler’ is an interactive augmented-reality template (much like a filter) for your iPhone camera – no app needed. To use the ruler, simply visit the download page on your iPhone and tap the download button on the top right corner. From there, you’ll be directed to a camera screen that will prompt you to open the ruler. Terashima recommends making sure your phone is running the latest iOS version before using the ruler.

To start, point the camera down towards your feet to ‘place’ the ruler on the ground. You’ll then see two foot markers in the centre circle where you should stand. Once you’re in place, you can use the circles around you to measure up to 2m – the recommended distance you should keep from others. The ruler doesn't move as you walk, so just remember to check your placement and keep tabs on your phone as you go.

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