This Tokyo dessert shop is offering beautiful cakes in drink cans

Parfaiteria Bel serves up Tokyo’s latest dessert craze – intricately layered cakes inside clear soda cans

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Tokyo’s got plenty of patisseries and dessert shops to satisfy your cravings. Many of Tokyo’s desserts not only taste good, they look amazing, too. While past dessert obsessions in the city have ranged from towers of fluffy pancakes to flaky croissant doughnuts, the latest craze revolves around these peculiar layered cakes in clear soda cans.

You’ll find this particular dessert available for takeaway at late-night parfait shop Parfaiteria Bel in Shibuya. The late-night haunt is known for its extravagant parfaits which attract lengthy queues, so this takeaway dessert is a perfect alternative.

You can choose from cake can options including three Fuwa (fluffy) Can flavours (¥900 each): blueberry, strawberry and citrus. Each one is filled with fresh cream, chiffon cake and fruit jam. There's also a Shortcake Can (¥1,100) which is essentially a strawberry shortcake packed into a can – think fresh strawberry slices layered with sponge cake and fresh cream.

Currently, you can only get the cakes at Parfaiteria Bel in Shibuya and Ikebukuro. They are also available at Parfaiteria Pal in Osaka and the dessert vending machine at Sapporo's Pâtisserie Okashi Gaku. For more information, visit the website.

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