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Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony will be broadcast live in the United States

It will be the first time NBC has aired the Summer Games opening ceremony live in the morning

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Although there is still much uncertainty around the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, some countries are already preparing ahead for broadcasting the Games. According to Japan Today, NBC (the official US TV broadcaster of the Games) will air the opening ceremony live for US residents on July 23. Given the time difference, that means the ceremony will air on the east coast, including New York, at 7am EDT, while Los Angeles and the rest of the west coast will see it at 4am PDT.

Although the network live-streamed the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony from Pyeongchang, South Korea, this will be the first time NBC has aired a Summer Olympics opening ceremony live in the morning. If you’re not an early morning person, don’t worry – the ceremony will also re-air on the same day at 7.30pm EDT. 

NBC currently has plans to air more than 7,000 hours of Olympics coverage and will also be live-streaming events on the official NBC Olympics website.

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