Joël Robuchon restaurant Tokyo
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Tokyo is officially home to more than 200 Michelin-starred restaurants

Three restaurants in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 have kept their three-star ratings for the 15th year in a row

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Kit Kriewaldt

Between rolling state of emergency rules and strict travel restrictions, dining out in Tokyo hasn’t been easy this year. Nevertheless, Tokyo has a world-class gastronomic reputation to uphold, with more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. The video reveal of the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 on November 30 gave the city’s ramen joints, izakaya, bistros, sushi shops and more a chance to show that their reputation is well deserved.

For 2022, a total of 203 Tokyo restaurants received Michelin stars. That’s down slightly from 212 restaurants in the 2021 guide, but we’re pleased to say Tokyo’s lead over the world’s other major food destinations is still intact. This city is still jam packed with Michelin-starred eateries.

Better still, Tokyo’s top-rated restaurants are showing no signs of slipping. All 12 of Tokyo’s three-star restaurants maintained their ratings this year, which is no small feat during a pandemic. Special mention has to go to Japanese restaurant Kanda and French restaurants Joël Robuchon and Quintessence, which received three-star ratings for the 15th year in a row. They’ve been in the three-star club ever since the very first Michelin Guide Tokyo, way back in 2008.

As for two-star venues, 41 restaurants made the cut this time, with three one-star spots earning themselves an extra star. Classic Edomae-style sushi restaurant Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho Sugita made the leap to two stars, along with French restaurant Asahina Gastronome and minimalist European spot Crony.

Ginza Hachigo
Photo: Lim Chee WahGinza Hachigo

There was much more movement on the one-star list, with 21 new entries added for a total of 150 one-star restaurants. Of those, 20 were Michelin newbies, including the seafood-focussed Sorahana in Toranomon. But the standout for us is a well deserved first Michelin star for revolutionary gourmet ramen shop Ginza Hachigo. It was one of our favourite Bib Gourmand spots, and we reckon it’s an even bigger bargain with that shiny new star.

Speaking of Bib Gourmand, there are 35 new wallet-friendly restaurants this year, including old-school standing sushi shop Tachiguizushi Akira and Katsuo Shokudo, a Shibuya spot specialising in bonito (skipjack). There were 14 green stars awarded for sustainable dining programmes this time around, too. That’s eight more than last year, which is good news for the planet and our stomachs.

To see the full Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 list, visit the website.

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