Tokyo is ranked the sixth most walkable city in the world

Japan’s capital is the only non-European entry to rank among the top ten pedestrian-friendly cities on the list

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen
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Pedestrians walk through the shopping district of Omotesando
Photo: Node/PixtaPedestrians walk through the shopping district of Omotesando

More often than not, the city you choose to live in will significantly shape the way you view the world. Depending on where you live, a 25-minute walk to a restaurant, for instance, is either an effortless stroll that hardly warrants public transport, or a treacherous journey reminiscent of a JRR Tolkien adventure. Tokyoites identify with the former, thanks to our city’s optimal walkability factor. In fact, Tokyo is regarded as one of the world’s most walkable cities, and now we’ve got more data to prove it. 

Insurance company Compare the Market AU recently released a ranking of major cities that are best (and worst) for getting around without a car, and placed Tokyo at No. 6. The capital was also the only non-European city to make the top ten, as listed here:

    1. Munich, Germany 
    2. Milan, Italy 
    3. Warsaw, Poland 
    4. Helsinki, Finland 
    5. Paris, France 
    6. Tokyo, Japan
    7. Madrid, Spain
    8. Oslo, Norway 
    9. Copenhagen, Denmark 
    10. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Eight different factors were considered for this ranking, including an overall safety score, average rainfall, car-free places and the cost and quality of public transport. The study also factored in the number of walking trails each city had, the distance of cycling paths and lanes and the percentage of residents who live within 1km of their nearest healthcare or education facility. 

The same barometers were used to determine the worst cities for pedestrians, with Johannesburg (South Africa), Patras (Greece), Dallas (Texas, USA), Houston (Texas, USA) and Manila (Philippines) placing on the bottom end of the spectrum. 

With the spring rains behind us, now is as good a time as any to bask in the season on these streets. Plan a day to explore our coolest neighbourhoods, or wander through peaceful pockets of nature within Tokyo – your step count will thank you for it. 

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