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Tokyo is the most forgetful city in the world, according to Uber

The car-hailing service reports that people leave more things behind in Tokyo than any of the cities it operates in

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

Yup, it’s true. According to Uber’s 2021 Lost and Found Index, Tokyo is the most forgetful city out of all the places the company operates in. To put that into perspective, Uber offers its services in more than 10,000 cities in 71 countries across the globe.

Uber in Japan is slightly different from Uber in other parts of the world. Here it only offers Uber Taxi, a collaboration with local taxi companies, as well as the premium Uber Black.   

So why are Tokyoites so forgetful? Uber doesn’t have an answer for us, but we reckon it’s got something to do with the city’s super low crime rate. It's easy to get a little too relaxed and absent-minded and leave things in public places when Tokyo feels so safe and secure. Plus, you know you’ll most likely recover the things you lost or misplaced. The city seems to be astonishingly full of well-meaning strangers who’ll go out of their way to pick up lost belongings and drop them off at the nearest police station. 

Still, losing anything can be a stress-inducing hassle for anyone. So be extra wary when riding an Uber between 9am and 11am – these are the hours Uber says people most often lose things. As for the day of the week with the most lost items reported, Uber says Saturdays resulted in the highest number of lost goods. So, don’t forget to scan the back of the car before rushing off. 

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