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Travel checklist: what you need for re-entering Japan from overseas

Returning to Japan? Here's all the Covid-19 documents you'll need for a smooth and safe return

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Kaila Imada

These days, travel requires more than just your passport and airline ticket. Covid-19 has made travelling internationally a tedious task, with many documents now compulsory for exiting and entering countries around the globe – and Japan is no exception.

For a smooth trip and easy return, we've pulled together this checklist of all the documents you'll need when returning to Japan. Do note that rules and restrictions are subject to sudden change, so you'll want to confirm all the requirements of your specific airline – and any special rules that may apply depending on the country or region you’re arriving from – through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Planning on heading out of the country? See our checklist for travelling out of Japan.

Negative Covid-19 test certificate

To enter Japan, you’ll need to show certification of a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to your departure to Japan. Valid forms of Covid-19 testing include: real time RT-PCR, LAMP, TMA, TRC, Smart Amp, NEAR, Next Generation Sequence and Quantitative Antigen Test (CLEIA). If possible, get your certificate in this format provided by the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare.

Do note that you will be subject to an additional Covid-19 test upon entering Japan at the airport.

Written Pledge 

All travellers are also required to sign a written pledge upon arriving in Japan. This includes pledging not to use public transport for the first ten days in Japan, self-isolating at home or an accommodation of your choice for ten days after entering Japan, and providing both location information and your health condition to local health centres upon request.

It’s best to print out the written pledge and fill it out prior to your departure. You can download the pledge here.

Online health questionnaire and QR code

Prior to your arrival in Japan, you must also fill out an online health questionnaire, which will then provide you with a QR code that you’ll need to get through immigration. You can just show the QR code on your phone, so it’s simplest to just fill out the questionnaire on your device and save a screenshot of the QR code once completed. And don’t worry – you can change the questionnaire language via the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

To access the questionnaire, visit here.

MySOS mobile app

Previously, people arriving in Japan were required to download a series of mobile apps to help track their location and health condition during quarantine. Now, only the MySOS app is required for people entering Japan.

Airport quarantine staff will help you set up the app upon your arrival. During your quarantine period, you must report your current location and health condition daily when prompted by notifications from the app.

You can download the MySOS app for iOS and Android and find a step-by-step user guide here. Do note, if you don’t own a smartphone, you’ll be required to rent one at the airport.

Self-isolation and transportation

As of January 15, Japan has shortened its mandatory quarantine period from 14 days to ten days. Depending on the country or region you are coming from, you may still be required to isolate for three, six or ten days at a designated quarantine facility followed by self-isolation at your home or other accommodation of your choosing.

Overseas arrivals are also banned from taking public transport from the airport. So you'll have to book a private car, train package or special charter bus to get into the city.

For more details about entering Japan, visit the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

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