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How to support your local clubs and live music venues during the coronavirus outbreak in Tokyo

Keep your favourite Tokyo bars, clubs and live houses afloat and receive drink and entrance tickets for future visits as well as cool merch

Written by
Time Out Tokyo Editors

Since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency on April 7, Tokyo and other prefectures have urged all nightlife venues including bars, clubs and live music venues to close until May 6, as they're considered high risk places for transmission of Covid-19 coronavirus. Many nightlife businesses have been struggling financially, and some are even considering closing their doors permanently.  

To keep their businesses afloat during the shutdown, many of our favourite bars, clubs and music venues have resorted to asking for support to fund operational costs. You can donate through crowdfunding platforms, buy drink tickets for a future visit, or even purchase venue merchandise online. Here are some ways you can help your local venues survive the coronavirus pandemic without leaving the house.

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Support your local

  • Clubs
  • Aoyama

Donate here and receive a USB stick with Scuba's mix, an exclusive long sleeve shirt or black linen coat by Phigvel.

  • Clubs
  • Daikanyama

Donate here and receive stickers, tenugui hand towels, and passes that allow you to take backstage tours and watch rehearsals.


Sound Bar Pure's

Purchase drink tickets here for future visits.

Hikari no Uma

Purchase tokens here which you can exchange for entry, food and drinks at future events.


Nakano Heavysick Zero

Donate here to receive drink tickets, or a gold ticket which gets you unlimited entry for two years in return.


Bush Bash

Donate here and receive drink tickets and T-shirts in return.


Sangenjaya GrapeFruitMoon

Donate here and receive food and drink tickets as well as T-shirts in return


Toos Corporation

Donate here to receive drink tickets, which can be used at any of the Toos Corporation venues including Basement Bar, Three, Lush, Home, Half and Cross.

SUBstore Tokyo

Donate here.


Bar Cheeky

Purchase the bar's original long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts here.


Donate here and receive drink tickets, downloadable DJ mixes and CDs.

  • Art
  • Kojimachi

Donate here and receive original stickers, pins, T-shirts or tote bags in return.



Donate here and receive drink tickets and invitation passes in return.

Club Flava

Donate here and receive discount coupons and drink tickets in return.


Pit Bar

Purchase the bar's merchandise here.

Chill Out Sakaba Tokonatsu

Donate here and receive stickers, drink tickets and craft beers in return.


Yokohama BB Street

Donate here and receive T-shirts and drink tickets in return.


Powers2 Motosumiyoshi

Purchase a digital track by Melting Point here.

More ways to support your local businesses

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