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Photo: Negombo 33 Koenji
Photo:Hideaki Nakayama

These restaurants in Tokyo are now doing home delivery

Enjoy your favourite restaurant meal from the comfort of your home – eating in has never tasted so good

By Tabea Greuner and Youka Nagase

Tokyo is a food city, home to some of the most amazing restaurants in the world. However, as we are urged to stay home, it's difficult to visit your favourite restaurants for a meal. When you've had enough of the usual konbini onigiri, sandwiches or instant ramen, perhaps it's time to call on the city's food and drink delivery services, or – better yet – order directly from one of the restaurants below for home delivery. No need to step outside and wait in a queue – you can now enjoy spicy curries and hearty burgers in the comfort of your own home. With these restaurants, you can now ‘dine out’ while self-isolating.

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Umami Burger

Restaurants Burgers Omotesando

Remember when the US burger hype reached new heights around late 2009? That was when the LA-born Umami Burger, founded by Adam Fleischman, took America by storm with its handcrafted, oh-so-savoury calorie bombs – including the original Umami Burger, which incorporates shiitake mushrooms, caramelised onions, roasted tomato, parmesan crisp and umami ketchup. In addition to all the familiar favourites from Umami's regular menu, this Aoyama shop serves up a few Japan originals, which can all be delivered right to your doorstep.

Orders via phone (03 6452 6951) or UberEats; 11am-8pm daily

Have More Curry
Photo: fb.com/have-more-curry

Have More Curry

Restaurants Aoyama

Have More Curry is a saving grace when you're craving gluten-free, vegan goodness, but the shop also offers meaty options. Set meals come with two types of curry, with options such as the chicken keema curry (¥1,350), the lentil dal curry (¥1,280), the lamb mustard curry (¥1,485), or the bacon and chicken curry (¥1,418).

Orders via Uber Eats; 11.30am-7.30pm. Takeout is also possible; call them beforehand (03 3407 7001).


Oriental Diner Igao

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Hiroo

Friendly and casual, this ‘oriental diner’ is ideal for starting your journey into the wild world of ‘medicinal’ herb liquor (yakushu). Fusion eats and exhibitions by local artists complete the package. The Thai green curry and tom yum curry combo (¥850) may be a popular option, but you can’t go wrong with any of the other dishes. 

Orders via phone (03-5793-3778); 11.30am-3pm Mon-Fri. Takeout is also possible.


Higuma Doughnuts

Restaurants Cafés Gakugei-Daigaku

Higuma Doughnuts’ Hokkaido-born owner uses ingredients from his home prefecture to create the store’s delightfully fluffy and ‘mochi-mochi’ (springy) doughnuts. Free from additives and preservatives, these dough rings have garnered cult status in Tokyo. Order the set of six doughnuts, including flavours such as cinnamon sugar, raspberry, and chocolate (¥2,160). The shop also boasts burgers and sandwiches that can be delivered straight to your home.

Orders via Uber Eats; 12noon-7pm, closed Wed.


Photo:Hideaki Nakayama
Photo:Hideaki Nakayama

Munch’s Burger Shack

Restaurants Burgers Hamamatsucho

It may have started as a food truck in 2006, but Munch’s Burger Shack exceeds all street food expectations by offering fast service and high quality burgers. Since settling in Shiba, ithas offered take out and a delivery service for all the perfectly put together burgers. The Colby Jackson Burger (¥1,630) is a popular option – Munch's even served it to US President Donald Trump when he visited Japan in 2016.

Orders via Uber Eats and their own delivery service; 11am-3.30pm. Takeout is also possible.


Photo: Kiki Harajuku

Kiki Harajuku

Restaurants Bistros Harajuku

Hidden away in a quiet back alley just steps from the hustle and bustle of Harajuku lies Kiki, the domain of haute cuisine wizard Yuki Noda. Hoping to attract a young clientele with six-course dinners priced at a reasonable ¥6,800, he is particularly fond of using seasonal fruit and berries. His salade Lyonnaise combines Indian mustard, arugula and beets with strawberries and raspberries, bacon and chickpeas. Relying mostly on Japanese ingredients, he believes that French cuisine in Tokyo should aim to reveal the ‘non-Japanese side’ of domestic produce. You can order his creations for delivery, such as the hearty egg and pumpkin coconut curry rice (¥1,100), marinated calamari (¥800) or the mimolette and mango salad (¥1,650). 

Orders via phone (070 3882 3150) or direct message via their Instagram account. Delivery surcharge: ¥1,200 within radius of 1km to the restaurant, ¥200 for each additional kilometre. Sundays and holidays incur a 30% surcharge on top of the usual delivery fee. Payment via cash only. 11am-8pm, take out, and delivery. Delivery outside of business hours is possible as well.


Homework's Hiroo

Restaurants Burgers Hiroo

You'll not find anything particularly fancy at Homework's, but this little Hiroo eatery makes solid sandwiches. You have a choice of white or rye bread, toasted or untoasted, with classic American fillings like B.L.T (¥1,150), turkey (¥1,500), grilled ham and cheese (¥1,300), and tuna (¥1,200), and a side of pickles to complete the meal. Don’t forget the pure beef burgers, either –  their chunky patty comes served in a large toasty bun (brown or white, your choice), packed with fresh veggies. Deliveries can be made for a minimum cost of ¥2,000.

Orders via phone (003 3444 4560), online or UberEats; Tue-Thu 11am-7pm (last orders 6.30pm), Fri-Sun & hols 11am-7pm (6.30pm), closed Mon



Men Hachi Ichi / 81 Noodle Bar

Restaurants Kichijoji

Ramen shop by day, boozy noodle bar by night, Men Hachi Ichi is best known for its mouthwatering tonkotsu-based ramen and thick slabs of chashu pork topping. The main lunch delivery option is the vegetable abura soba (¥1,200), a soupless ramen mixed with an umami sauce and a punch of garlic, topped with generous amounts of veggies. If you’re looking for something more substantial, order the chashu rice bowl (¥600) or the LYB pork curry (¥1,500). 

Orders via Uber Eats; Mon 11am-2.50pm, Tue-Fri 11am-2.50pm, 6pm-11.3pm, Sat, Sun & hols 11am-3.50pm, 5pm-9pm.


Koenji Gmgm
Photo: Koenji Gmgm

Koenji Gmgm

Restaurants Koenji

This cozy café in Koenji is popular for its Instagrammable doughnuts topped with beautiful edible flowers. They don’t just look super tasty, they are also carefully crafted from whole wheat flour and free of preservatives and food colouring.

Gmgm provides five different flavours of its signature doughnuts in its online store (from ¥463), including pear and lavender, caramel peach and camomile, and earl grey and rose. To recreate your café experience back home, order before the end of April, and you’ll even be gifted a free pack of colour-changing butterfly-pea flower tea and dried flowers to decorate your table.

Order the doughnuts via the official website

ネゴンボ33 高円寺
Photo: Negombo 33 Koenji

Negombo 33 Koenji

Restaurants Koenji

Popular Saitama-based curry joint Negombo 33 opened its second outpost in Tokyo’s hip Koenji neighbourhood. So what's to order? Think Indian curry dishes with a unique Japanese twist all made from fresh produce. Get a taste of the branch’s speciality, the lamb keema curry (¥1,600 including delivery), a hearty mix of minced lamb meat simmered with wine and tomatoes, or go for their pork vindaloo (¥1,500 including delivery), a popular dish from the region of Goa (West India). If you want to get a taste of both, then go for the aigake set, which boasts two smaller versions of both curries for ¥2,000 including delivery.

Orders via Uber Eats; 11am-8pm daily. Takeout is also possible.


Onigily Cafe
Photo: Onigily Café

Onigily Café

Restaurants Japanese Nakameguro

Keeping the rice ball rolling into the 21st century, this hip neighbourhood eatery in fashionable Nakameguro serves up delicious onigiri with a variety of fillings like bonito flakes, ume plum, salmon and kombu. Opt for the Onigily plate, that comes with a salt-flavoured onigiri and one rice ball of your choice, plus two pieces of karaage (fried chicken) and two small appetizers (¥1,080).

Orders via Uber Eats; 11.30am-3.30pm.


Kaneko Hannosuke

5 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Tempura Nihonbashi

You can always find a queue snaking out the front of this humble tendon specialist in Nihonbashi. The reason for this almost religious devotion is clear once your tendon (tempura on rice) arrives  – it’s tempura perfection: light batter, golden and crisp, encases precisely and perfectly cooked seafood. Two shrimp, diced squid, a remarkably large white fish and a square of nori, all dressed with a moreish tentsuyu sauce just before serving. You can choose from a standard (¥1,280), special (¥1,480) or deluxe (¥1,680) tendon for delivery or takeout.

Orders via Uber Eats; 11am-2pm, Sat & Sun 10am-7pm. Takeout is also possible.


Photo: Lim Chee Wah


Restaurants Nishi-Azabu

Tonkatsu in Tokyo generally falls into two camps: the rustic, meaty dude food, or the typical teishoku-style comfort food that’s warm and reassuring. Then there’s Butagami, which has taken breaded deep-fried pork to new heights. Much like at a high-end steakhouse, the menu reads like a compendium of animal breed and cuts of meat, and the plating is refined. Out of the whopping 26 different varieties of largely Japanese premium pork that are offered here, 16 are available for delivery. Each tonkatsu comes with crispy shredded cabbage, and some come with perfectly cooked rice, umami-rich miso soup and smokey pickles as well. 

Orders via Fine Dine; Tue-Sun 11am-2pm, 6pm-9.30pm, closed Mon


広島流つけ麺 からまる
広島流つけ麺 からまる


Restaurants Okubo

Get your Hiroshima-style tsukemen fix at Karamaru. The owner was a regular at one of Hiroshima’s favourite tsukemen restaurants, Shinkaen, and decided to bring the style to Tokyo in 2014. A basic Hiroshima tsukemen (¥1,000 for delivery) features a cold thick broth made from Korean chili and dashi broth but if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the Hiroshima soupless dandan noodles (¥1,000) which will give you an addictive numbness from the sansho peppers. The shop also offers tonkotsu shoyu ramen (¥980) and shumai dumplings (¥500). 

Orders via Uber Eats; 11am-10pm, closed Sun & hols.


Los Tacos Azules
Photo: Los Tacos Azules

Los Tacos Azules

Restaurants Sangenjaya

If you find yourself in Tokyo with a taco craving and can’t make it out of the house, Los Tacos Azules has your back. Based in Setagaya, owner-chef Marco Garcia and his team craft ‘survival taco kits’, available for pick up and delivery. The well stocked kits include: 20 handmade tortillas along with taco fillings (think mushroom mole, cauliflower and potato, grilled beef, slow-cooked beans, chicken and salsas), plus tamales, soup, and more. Sets are ¥7,600 and would feed four people. Reservations are essential and must be made three days before via email (info@lostacosazules.jp).

Delivery times: Wed-Sun 12noon-8pm. Pick up is also available. 


Ramen Nagi Niboshio

Restaurants Ramen Shibuya

Tried every type of ramen in town? You haven't sampled the full set until you've slurped down a bowl from Nagi Niboshio. The anchovy-based broth is enhanced by sardines and onion, for a dish with remarkable depth of flavour. Pick from a line-up of over 20 different bowls to get delivered conveniently to your house.

Orders via Uber Eats; 11am-8pm daily.

Photo:Hideaki Nakayama
Photo:Hideaki Nakayama

Curry Shop Hatsukoi

Restaurants Shibuya

Hatsukoi's curry and biryani specialities are based on Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine, but use Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques. Get the popular spicy lamb keema curry, or the chicken curry delivered to your door for just ¥1,380. If you prefer rice, the daily biryani special is only ¥1,580 including delivery.

Orders via Uber Eats; 11.30am-5pm (L.O. 4.30pm), closed Sat, Sun & hols. Takeout is also possible.


Whoopi Gold Burger

Restaurants Burgers Shibuya

Whoopi Gold Burger, Charlotte Gains-Burger, Kevin Bacon (burger): the names are pun-tastic at this unpretentious fast food joint, which moved to Shibuya from Nakameguro in 2011. Cheap gags wouldn't merit a repeat visit, but the generously stuffed burgers – with plump, juicy patties – definitely do. Expect to pay upwards of ¥1,000 for a burger and fries, though this also includes a drink at lunchtime.

Orders via Uber Eats; 12noon-8.30pm, closed Tue. Takeout is also possible.


Restaurants Eclectic Shibuya

Gyoza joint Roccoman provides a variety of dumpling sets, including vegetarian versions, at reasonable prices. Go for the vegetable gyoza set, that comes with six dumplings, rice, a soup and yum woon sen (a spicy glass noodle salad) for a mere ¥1,080. There’s also curry, mapo tofu and a variety of sides to choose from.

Orders via Uber Eats; 11.30am-11pm daily.

Photo: Out


Restaurants Italian Shibuya

Staying in doesn’t mean you can’t dine on Out restaurant’s cult-status pasta. The takeout menu includes fresh pasta (¥1,200 for two portions), tomato passata (¥800 yen for two portions), and a weekly changing special pasta, such as mushroom, ricotta and truffle ravioli (available Fridays and Saturdays, order must be placed by Thursday 12pm). Pasta is made fresh to order, although you’ll need to cook it yourself – cooking instructions are included in every set. The restaurant’s signature ingredient, fresh truffle, is also available on request, as are bottles of wine. With all that at hand, you just need to pop on some Led Zepplin to re-create that authentic Out experience at home. Order via email (info@out.restaurant) for next-day pick up, or two-day delivery from Tuesday to Saturday.

Delivery times: Tue-Sat, time arranged with order
Pick up: Tue-Sat, 6pm-12pm

Dining & Bar Kitsune

Bars and pubs Gastropubs Shibuya

Dining & Bar Kitsune, located between Shibuya and Ebisu, offers French-Japanese fusion sushi and a wide variety of quality sake. Get some staples delivered conveniently to your door, such as a variety of meat platters, pizza and pasta, as well as salads and appetisers, perfect for re-creating a multi-course dinner back home. 

Orders via Uber Eats; 11am-8pm. Takeout is also possible.



Restaurants Shibuya

The teishoku (set meals) are the draw at this no-frills eatery specialising in seafood – raw, fried, steamed, boiled and everything in between. Takeout and delivery is possible, however to get your meal delivered to your door, you have to order at least two items. Opt for the kaisendon (seafood over rice; takeout ¥1,570, delivery ¥1,890), the salmon, salmon roe and tuna bowl (takeout ¥1,380, delivery ¥1,570), or the set meals with grilled fish (takeout ¥1,050, delivery from ¥1,380).

Orders via phone (03 3467 6709); 5.30pm-8pm, closed Sun & hols. Delivery only within Tomigaya-itchome and -nichome, Shoto-itchome and -nichome, and Kamiyamacho.



Restaurants Indian Shimokitazawa

This curry speciality store is run by Japanese actor Takashi Matsuo. Even though the eatery boasts only 12 counter seats, it's worth lining up here, as the original curry on offer is quite unique. Pannya spices up its Indian-style curry sauce with Japanese soy sauce and dashi to bring out a rich umami flavour. Go for the Maha Katsu Curry, boasting a pitch black juicy pork cutlet that's made from breadcrumbs coloured with squid ink (delivery ¥1,850).

Orders via Uber Eats; 9am-10.30am (only on Tue), 11.30am-3.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm, closed Wed. Takeout is also possible.


Cocolo Cafe

LGBTQ+ Shinjuku-Nichome

Ideal for a late-night rendezvous, this café and restaurant is a popular LGBT hangout that serves both light grub, like salads and tofu nuggets, as well as more substantial stuff: order the all-time favourite taco rice (¥1,480) with a side of the multi-layered rainbow cake (¥780) for delivery.

Orders Via UberEats; 12noon-11pm daily. Takeout is also possible.

Yakisoba Kabukichi

Restaurants Shinjuku

This yakisoba shop located in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho serves one of Japan’s favourite soul foods. The thin signature noodles are fried to perfection with sprouts, onion and leeks, and topped with a raw egg to give it an extra kick. You can order a regular (¥1,130) or a large size for an extra ¥350. The shop is open 24 hours a day, so you can have your noodles delivered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack.

Orders Via UberEats; 24 hours daily. Takeout is also possible.


Shinpachi Shokudo

Restaurants Japanese Shinjuku

If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast with succulent fish, crisp pickles and refreshing miso soup, you’ve found the right place. You can get reasonably priced teishoku meals here for around ¥1,000.  The selection includes favourites such as grilled saikyo miso-marinated Spanish mackerel (¥1,015), grilled salted salmon (¥886), and ginger roast pork (¥842).

Orders Via UberEats; 7am-2am daily. Takeout is also possible.

Shanghai Xiaochi

3 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Chinese Shinjuku

Located on a dinky alleyway in Kabukicho – you basically have to walk through the outdoor kitchen to enter – Shanghai Xiaochi serves up a wide variety of delectable Shanghainese dishes, as well as some more unorthodox offerings. Fried spiders, anyone? If you're not keen on trying one of these critters, go for the clams in vinegar, served with fried bread.

Orders via phone (03 3232 5909) from 5.30pm. Delivery only within the Kabukicho area. Takeout is also possible.


Cafe Aaliya

Restaurants Cafés Shinjuku-Sanchome

The signature French toast at this underground café is so popular that customers line up for it even on weekdays. But you can skip the queue and get your toast delivered (¥648, shipping fee not included). The crustless bread is sliced thick and toasted in butter until golden and simply irresistible. Pair up the decadent delicacy with a fresh salad, or go overboard with extra ice cream or jam.

Order the popular French toast via Rakuten.

Tim Ho Wan Shinjuku Southern Terrace

Restaurants Shinjuku

Hong Kong’s popular restaurant Tim Ho Wan, also known as the ‘world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant’, delivers dim sum right to your doorstep. Established by Mak Kwai, dim sum chef at the Michelin three-star Cantonese Restaurant Lung King Heen (inside the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong), and chef Leung Fai Keung, the restaurant focuses on providing the most authentic dim sum flavours at reasonable prices. You can choose from a variety of dumpling, rice roll and meat options, but we recommend the baked char siu bao pork buns (¥810). 

Orders via UberEats; 11am-10pm daily

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