New restaurants, cafés and bars in Tokyo to try this month

Tokyo's best and most exciting new openings, whether you're looking for a meal, coffee, dessert or even a drink after work

By Time Out Tokyo Editors |

Tokyo is one of the world's greatest food cities. But you should explore more than just the tried and tested, the Michelin-starred eateries and the heritage restaurants – no matter how good they are. Go on a food adventure and try out some of these new restaurants, cafés and bars now.

Hot new openings

Restaurants, Cafés

Ichibiko Sangenjaya


Popular strawberry sweets café Ichibiko has opened its second outpost in Sangenjaya. If you’re looking for a fruity way to start your day, head over between 7am and 11am and devour some of their tasty strawberry jam toasts which use bread from the area's popular bakery Hamada-ya. The set comes with coffee or tea for a mere ¥540. If you’re after strawberry shortcake, pudding or the like, then make sure to drop by in the afternoon, when the showcase fills with plenty of these delicious goodies.


Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya Roppongi


Open September 15, 2018 Tokyo welcomes its second outpost of Canada's popular Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya in Roppongi. Diners can sample some of their latest creations here including lobster and aburi oshi sushi. If you're really hungry, the 16-piece heavy ‘Aburi Mosaic Sushi’ plate is a feast for both your eyes and palate, while the seafood snacks are best paired with Kinka's original Japanese-style cocktails.


Iya Iya Sanbai


This new izakaya located on the first basement floor of the Aoyama Building combines high-quality food with a large selection of alcoholic beverages. During lunch, you can sample traditional Japanese teishoku set meals which come with freshly cooked rice, flavourful miso soup, a main dish of your choice and homemade soft tofu. During dinner you can look forward to outstanding meals which match perfectly with the alcohol on offer. Choose among sake varieties gathered from all over Japan, wine, whisky, and fruit sours made with seasonal produce. Open September 7, 2018.


Eiswelt Gelato


Open September 13, 2018 If you're looking kawaii in Tokyo, head on over to Harajuku's Eiwelt Gelato for the most adorable animal-shaped ice cream in the city. Pick from a tasty zoo of bunnies, pigs or bears where this Los Angeles-born gelateria crafts all of their cuties right in front of your eyes. Quality is not overlooked here as gelato flavours are all homemade using original recipes. You can even look forward to Japan-limited ice cream flavours and characters.


Pearl Lady Cha Bar Minami-Aoyama


Japan’s popular bubble tea shop Pearl Lady Cha Bar opened its most recent outpost in Minami-Aoyama. Besides the usual Taiwanese tea creations, you can sip on new takes of our beloved bubble tea like hojicha or matcha with tapioca pearls. Other popular items include ‘Cha Latte’, where you can taste the rich flavourful tea, the ‘Rock Salt Cream Cha’, which is topped with a salty-sweet cream, or the ‘Fruit Bubble Tea’, a combination of your favourite fruit with tea. You can even choose one free topping like large tapioca pearls, brown sugar tapioca, collagen jelly or nata de coco to finish off your drink creation.


Pound-ya Nihonbashi


Dine on high-quality Japanese black beef at this new eatery in Nihonbashi where you can  choose from ten different types of beef served as tender, juicy steaks. If you're not a big fan of steak, the large menu has something for everyone – order the 'Pound-ya Umami Meat Burger' complete with a homemade bun, or the 'Black Beef Gyoza' sure to satisfy any dumpling fiend. All the dishes are seasoned with herbs and spices, and go perfectly paired with a glass of natural wine. 

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