Top five restaurants for a fancy dinner along the Tokyu lines

Go for luxurious sushi, innovative French flavours or homely Mediterranean cooking down south

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Criss-crossing the city's southern suburbs and stretching all the way down to Yokohama, the Tokyu line network services some of Tokyo's fanciest residential neighbourhoods – from Daikanyama and Meguro to Jiyugaoka and Den-en-Chofu. These areas, in turn, are home to quite a few excellent restaurants, many of them just as competent as their famed counterparts in the city centre but considerably less expensive and often quite a bit less stuck up. They are, however, hidden away on quiet backstreets and can be rather difficult to locate – especially if you aren't familiar with the area.

That's where we come in: again teaming up with crack restaurant booking service Pocket Concierge, we've picked out five noteworthy restaurants offering superb dinners along the Tokyu lines. Choose your favourite, take advantage of our direct booking service, and get ready for a meal to remember. 

Prefer to dine in a more central part of town? Check out our picks for Azabu-Juban, Aoyama or Ginza.

The Tokyu line top five

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Sushi Ichikawa


Hidden out in the residential wilds of Setagaya, a good 15-minute walk from Yoga Station, Ichikawa combines classic edomae (Tokyo-style) sushi with the flavours of Kyoto's rich kaiseki tradition. Tuna is the protagonist here, so even the shari rice is flavoured to match the mighty maguro...

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Opened in 2011, this masterful Nakameguro spot sure succeeds in bringing a sourire (smile) to our faces every time. Chef Takahiro Yuzawa makes the trip to Tsukiji daily, returning with superb seafood and produce that forms the basis for his uncomplicated, Japanese-inspired French cooking. His ethos of simplicity and gradual fusion is on full display in the eel and foie gras terrine...

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For a light and healthy but delicious Mediterranean-style dinner along the Toyoko line, there's no going wrong at this comfy, reasonably priced spot near Gakugei-Daigaku Station. Be sure to try some of the grilled seafood, expertly prepared on the charcoal grill...

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Bon Chemin


For authentic French flavours in residential Gohongi, look no further than this small and comfy eatery. We have to recommend the chef's special, a full-course dinner that changes daily to accommodate the best seasonal ingredients brought in that morning. In winter, the game dishes are also well worth a bet...

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Quiet Sakura-Shinmachi, best known as the home of 'Sazae-san' creator Michiko Hasegawa, is an unlikely base for chef Takamichi Kikuchi's Bib Gourmand-carrying, stylish French eatery. Working his magic with produce from Shinshu and fresh seafood delivered directly from ports across Japan, Kikuchi is of course proficient in the traditional techniques but also exhibits an adventurous streak...

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