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Things to do in Koenji #4: Make some noise

50 things to do in Koenji

Explore Tokyo’s coolest 'hood, along with its neighbours Asagaya, Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo – all of which form part of the special ward Suginami City

By Time Out Tokyo Editors

Known as 'Anime Town', Suginami City – which is classed as one of Tokyo's special wards – makes good on its reputation with a lineup of around 70 production studios, including Gundam creators Sunrise Inc. A central part of the local economy, the industry even runs its own, visit-worthy Suginami Animation Museum. The ward is also popular for its shotengai (old-school shopping streets), which are found outside practically every station in Suginami City. An essential part of the local experience, each shotengai has its own colour and vibe. In this guide, we've focused on the coolest 'hood, Koenji, but we've also featured interesting spots to visit in Asagaya, Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo. Here's a snapshot of each area before you get stuck into our pick of the top 50 things to do:

Koenji: Famed for its underground music scene and scores of hip eateries and bars, Koenji hosts Tokyo's premier Awa Odori (dance) festival in August and lays claim to the title of 'Tokyo's coolest neighbourhood' year-round.
Asagaya: This area has served as the base for a wide range of subcultural communities since the radical '60s, but is now most renowned for its high concentration of anime studios and its refined entertainment scene, which includes an annual jazz festival.
Ogikubo: An unmissable stop on any Tokyo ramen tour, Ogikubo is home to some of the city's most venerable noodle houses. Its cultural history is just as rich, having been the centre of activities for several Showa-era literary greats.
Nishi-Ogikubo: Curiously combining quaint antique shops, scruffy cafés, upscale apartment buildings and dirt-cheap watering holes on the western edge of Suginami City, Nishi-Ogikubo gives off a quiet vibe while offering plenty to explore.


Discover the soul of Koenji...

Things to do Koenji

Packed with restaurants and niche vendors carrying a variety of Asian goods, this retro street hints at how Koenji came to be nicknamed ‘Japan’s India’. Lanterns illuminate the alleys from nightfall and contribute to the energetic atmosphere. Ramen lovers: stop by the underground Nibangai (2nd street). Koenji Street


Boost health with Japanese tea leaves...

Shopping Koenji

The Japanese tea leaves here are top quality, inexpensive and delicious – we recommend the ‘deep steamed tea’, known for its anti-carcinogenic antioxidants. You can also pick up Japanese teapots and packs of seaweed. Chadokoro Tsukiji


Sample French fusion shellfish...

Restaurants Koenji
This tiny restaurant on a Koenji backstreet specialises in transforming simple shellfish dishes into something more special, for example sashimi becomes a French fusion mille-feuille. Ask for the sake tasting set if you can’t decide on which nihonshu to pair with dinner. Abusan

Make some noise...

Music Koenji
Punk, hardcore and noise bands are on stage day and night at this incarnation of Koenji 20000V, which used to be an institution on the Koenji live scene. This new spot breathes life back into the area once hailed for its unique energy. Higashi-Koenji 20000 Den-atsu

Drink with otaku...

Bars and pubs Asagaya
The figurines, DVDs and comic books lying around are impressive, sure, but the true attraction at this tiny otaku paradise is the owner/bartender who, when prompted, will mix you a drink based on your favourite fictional character – no matter who or what it might be. 44Sonic

Slurp the finest soba...

Restaurants Soba Ogikubo
Serving soba since 1924, Honmura-an uses the finest locally produced buckwheat, ground fresh every day, for its noodles. A glass screen lets you glimpse the making of the soba, and the Japanese garden designed by bonsai artists is ultra pretty. Honmura-an

Order bespoke leather shoes...

Shopping Shoes Nishi-Ogikubo

After switching from advertising to shoe shining, the owner of this shop moved into shoe making and now produces made-to-order leather footwear, impeccably crafted from wooden moulds. He also does repairs and stocks other goods – check out the leather sleeve for paper cups. Amakusa Factory


Prepare for a sugar overload...

Shopping Asagaya
This long-standing sweet shop sells the best dorayaki – soft red bean paste between two slices of honey-flavoured sponge cake, presented in the cutest rabbit-shaped package. Eating in? Try their heavenly anmitsu dessert (boiled beans, agar jelly cubes and molasses) topped with bean jam. Usagiya

Sip a cuppa with dolls...

Restaurants Tea rooms Nishi-Ogikubo

Folk toys and tea might sound like an unorthodox combination, but this cutesy shop gets the mix just right with powerful brews and charming traditional kokeshi dolls and clay figurines displayed in every corner. Nishiogi Itochi


Indulge a meat craving...

Restaurants Yakiniku Asagaya

Best dish on the menu? The Chateaubriand, with beautifully marbled meat slowly grilled to perfection at the hands of skilled chefs. Place meat on rice, pour on special-recipe tamari soy sauce, and dig in. Be sure to book ahead. Sato Briand Nigou


Read, drink, snack...

Bars and pubs Cocktail bars Koenji

Love secondhand books? Love drinking? Love snacking? Do all three at this quiet ‘book bar’ whose characterful owner creates dishes often inspired by fiction – for example, the Taisho Croquette, made from tofu pulp and fish paste, is based on a recipe in a novel. Cocktail Shobo

Ryokan Seikou | Time Out Tokyo

Sleep in Showa-era style...

Hotels Ryokan Ogikubo
Registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan, this inn carries the atmosphere of the Showa era (1926-1989) and has famously appeared in anime series such as 'Mawaru Pengu indrum' and 'The Idolmaster'. From ¥6,000 per night. Ryokan Seikou

Try sardine-flavoured ramen...

Restaurants Ramen Ogikubo
Established in 1949, this ramen shop is famed for its home-made noodles and soup, made from a rich niboshi (dried sardine) broth along with vegetables, pork and chicken bones. Added to that is a soy sauce-flavoured sauce, giving it a distinct Japanese taste. Harukiya

Step into Motoo Otaguro's garden...

Attractions Parks and gardens Ogikubo
Built on the site of the late music critic Motoo Otaguro's residence, this Japanese garden features a stone-paved walkway lined with gingko trees, a tearoom, a lake brimming with carp, and a villa that was once Otaguro’s office but is now open to the public as a museum. Otaguro Park

Appreciate artisanal coffee....

Restaurants Coffeeshops Koenji
A specialist coffee store that roasts their own Single Origin beans. On your first visit, ask a member of staff to recommend a type of coffee to try – you won’t be disappointed. Coffee Amp

Stock up on all things fish...

Shopping Asagaya

Using fish from Tsukiji Market, this delicatessen specialises in fish goods, from fried fish balls to fish paste, fish cakes and chikuwa (a traditional fish snack). They also have a large oden pot at the front of the store, giving you the chance to enjoy this winter 'hot pot' year-round. Kamajyuu Kamabokoten


Satisfy your curiousity...

Shopping Vintage shops Koenji
Their main business may be paper and stationery, but where this quirky shop really shines is in the curiosity section: old medicine pouches, price tags, letter sets and stamps line the shelves, in perfect but unlikely harmony with the more modern wares. Hachimakura

Savour fine seafood...

Restaurants Yakitori Ogikubo

Originally a popular yakitori restaurant, Torimoto Honten moved to a backstreet and transformed itself into a purveyor of fine seafood and spirits. Fresh fish is shipped in from Hokkaido and you can sample rare young salmon year-round. They still sell yakitori, but the seafood’s a must. Torimoto Honten


Have an onsen, eat washoku...

Health and beauty Spas Ogikubo
With six floors of hot-spring baths, standard and stone saunas, massage zones and rest areas, Nagomi no Yu puts your average public bathhouse to shame. The third-floor cafeteria serves washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) and sake, while bathing suits and amenities can be borrowed at the reception. Nagomi no Yu

Wade through a style maze...

Shopping Koenji

Koenji’s most chaotic (and famous) collection of clothing stores. You’ll find unique brands like Hayatochiri, Southpaw, Garter and Ilil, as well as the office of contemporary artist collective Chim-Pom, which turns into a shop called Kane-Zanmai on weekends. Kita-Kore Building


Shop for unique vintage...

Shopping Menswear Koenji
Sokkyou (‘improvisation’) is both the name and concept of this vintage shop, which stocks women’s and men’s clothing that ‘defies classification’. Items are from the ’20s to ’90s, with some pieces dating as far back as the Meiji era (1868-1912). Sokkyou

Feel at home with art...

Art Nishi-Ogikubo

An invaluable refuge for artsy types with a couple of hours to burn, Mizunosora gallery is found inside a beautifully remodeled home and hosts a new exhibit every month, while the café at the back serves up basic drinks like coffee and tea. Mizunosora


Collect comics...

Restaurants Cafés Koenji
As the so-called ‘headquarters’ for Japanese fans of foreign comics, ACBD stocks American comic books translated into Japanese. They also have a great selection of English paperbacks and mags. The clientele is diverse and regulars enjoy fun ‘reunions’ at the store, so we're told. ACBD

Soak with the locals...

Things to do Koenji

Throw off your inhibitions and bathe with the regulars at this wonderfully old-school sento (public bathhouse) featuring an impressive menu of soaking options, including a scented bath and a milk bath. If the water feels a tad hot, try concentrating on the majestic Mt Fuji murals decorating both the men's and women's sections. Kosugi-yu


Immerse yourself in anime culture...

Shopping Asagaya
Asagaya has long been known for its many anime-related shops and businesses, and that reputation was enhanced by the 2014 opening of this cluster of around 16 different establishments – including a figurine workshop, a cosplay dress-up shop, an anime creation college, and stores with a variety of gashapon machines – under the Chuo line tracks between Koenji and Asagaya stations. Asagaya Anime Street

Let this tempura egg surprise you...

Restaurants Tempura Koenji

You wouldn’t think a tempura soft-boiled egg served over rice could be so delicious, but the Tamago Lunch dish at this counter seat-only speciality tempura spot is simply irresistible. The chefs’ unique frying ‘performance’ is pretty cool, and the owner speaks good English. Tensuke


Browse and eat...

Shopping Nishi-Ogikubo

Vintage decor creates a comfy atmosphere at this charming shop and diner that sits inside a renovated Japanese house. Browse kitchen products, food seasonings and natural-fibre clothing, and enjoy meals prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Re: Gendo


Sweeten up with honey...

Shopping Ogikubo
Besides honey made in Japan, this shop on Kyokai-dori shopping street sells over 60 varieties of honey imported from nine countries as well as honey-based beauty and health products. Definitely try the Ogikubo roll cake. Mère De L'abeille

Enjoy coffee in a loft...

Restaurants Cafés Koenji
This café’s charm lies in its unique decor and design – colourful illustrations adorn the walls and you can’t help but feel like a kid as you climb the ladder to the loft seats, where you can enjoy coffee, fruit tea or something off the food menu. Hattifnatt

Find comfort in home-made meals...

Restaurants American Koenji

Missing home cooking? This casual American restaurant comes to the rescue with BBQ spare ribs, the El Pato burger (with 100% beef patty), and other home-made comfort foods including pizza, pasta and bread. El Pato


Mix with local stars...

Things to do Asagaya

Mingle with film stars, manga artists, musos and other creatives at this lively street that stretches along the elevated railway tracks from the north exit of Asagaya Station. You’ll find everything from izakayas and mom-and-pop restaurants to coffee shops and upmarket eateries. Star Road Shopping Street


Make friends with phak chi...

Restaurants Thai Nishi-Ogikubo

In Nishi-Ogikubo, this Thai restaurant is the bomb. It’s small, tucked away, reasonably priced and reminds us of the kind of restaurants found in Southeast Asia. The spice is mostly mild and coriander (phak chi) is the star of the show, featuring even in their cocktails. Handsome Shokudo


Pick up antique or modern pottery...

Shopping Vintage shops Nishi-Ogikubo

A pottery shop featuring both antique pieces and works by contemporary artists, including owner Fumihiko Oshima’s own designs. Also hosts special monthly exhibitions of pottery, woodwork and metalwork. Rozan


Visit a cult music bar...

Music Koenji
Operating a 40m² music bar decorated with everything from Hello Kitty to Buddha, the eccentric Muzenhoshi (‘no-good monk’) can be a little unfriendly towards young female patrons but retains a cult following in the neighbourhood. His cocktails taste far better than their cryptic names suggest. Muryoku Muzenji

Find inspiration in a park...

Attractions Parks and gardens Koenji

Although small, this park is home to colourful playground equipment enjoyed by throngs of kids. Rumour has it the park served as a model for one featured in Haruki Murakami’s novel ‘1Q84’. Koenji Chuo Park


Combine coffee and Chopin...

Music Asagaya
Classical music fans will love whiling away hours in this café that’s styled on a Viennese music hall (on a scale of 1:25) and plays favourites like Bach and Mozart. The owner cut no corners in the acoustics, either – he even made the plethora of speakers himself. Violon

Munch on crispy katsudon...

Restaurants Chinese Nishi-Ogikubo

Although it looks like any ordinary Chinese restaurant, this eatery is famed for its katsudon. The recipe is three generations old and combines a crunchy fried pork cutlet with sweet dashi, onions and egg, on rice. Even the fiercest critics fall for it. Sakamotoya


Relax and be healthy...

Restaurants Organic Koenji

With vegetables delivered directly from organic farmers, a daily changing menu, and coffee brewed with organic coffee beans, this is a natural-food gem. They also sell the delicious spices used in their dishes. Poleyale


Catch a Showa era flick...

Cinemas Independent Asagaya
This spaceship-like building with a ‘hanging’ garden features a mini cinema that shows both obscure and well-known Showa-era Japanese film masterpieces, and also houses the Zamza Asagaya Theater and the charming Restaurant Yamaneko-ken. Laputa Asagaya

Watch the drama play out....

Theatre Performing arts space Koenji
Pritzker award-winning architect Toyo Ito is the creative behind the interesting tent-like exterior of this public theatre, founded by Suginami City. Aside from staging dance and drama, they host readings of plays and illustrated books at the café, and hold 'story time' workshops for kids. Za-Koenji Public Theatre

Taste Okinawan home cooking...

Restaurants Koenji
As advertised, this restaurant will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a mini Okinawa in the middle of Tokyo. Relish Okinawan dishes – don’t leave without trying the perfectly seasoned Goya Champuru (stir-fry) – in a lively atmosphere that’s also great for just sharing drinks with friends. Dachibin

Source rare picture books...

Shopping Koenji
A hidden haven for picture book enthusiasts, this store stocks both Japanese tales and a variety of foreign books from as far afield as Czech Republic. Prices range from cheap to ¥10,000, and you can pick up interesting souvenirs such as palm-sized books, Russian pin badges, postcards and more. Ehonya Rusubanbansuru Kaisha

Be a kid in a bar...

Bars and pubs Koenji
Love model car racing? Then you'll fit right in with the regulars at this bar, where most of the floor area is occupied by a lovingly crafted miniature race track, vintage models and spare parts. Check out the cars on sale, too. Hideaway Garage

Overload on cat cuteness...

Shopping Koenji

One for the cat fanatics, this cramped store stocks all sorts of fun, handmade items with cat motifs, including impressive, surreal artworks. The resident kitty lives in the back and will see you off at the register. Nekonohitai


Improve your luck...

Things to do Asagaya

Free yourself from bad luck with a special prayer available only at this beautifully refurbished shrine that’s devoted to the sun goddess Amaterasu and frequently hosts traditional wedding ceremonies. Asagaya Shinmeiguu Shrine


Pair craft beer with spicy jerk chicken...

Bars and pubs Craft beer pubs Ogikubo

Enjoy an array of craft beers carefully selected from around Japan. Pair your brew with a complementary dish of Jerk Chicken, which is marinated for 24 hours in the house sauce made of 15 different spices and fruits, then grilled slowly over a charcoal fire. Mouth watering yet? Craft Beer Stand Turquoise


Have a Hanoi-style helping..

Restaurants Yakitori Koenji
If you're not one of those fancy types who like their meat all nicely chopped up and domesticated, this Vietnamese barbecue shop will be a fun experience. Their spicy chicken legs, squid and shrimp work nicely after a night out at the bars. Binh Minh

Forget the daily grind...

Restaurants Coffeeshops Nishi-Ogikubo

Not all kissaten (old-school coffee shops) in Tokyo are worth the moniker, but this one sure makes the grade: stained-glass windows, antique clocks and the soft jazz soundtrack make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Monozuki


Count the curry spices...

Restaurants Ogikubo

This small, European-style curry shop is run by a husband-and-wife team who spend an entire week preparing their curry stock that’s based on fond de veau and 36 spices. We recommend the Wagyu Java Curry with the seasonal veg as a sidedish. Prepare to queue. Tomato


Eat curry with owls...

Restaurants Tea rooms Koenji
Always wanted to get up close and personal with an owl? Here you can sip on tea or coffee carefully selected by the owner, or enjoy a bowl of curry, while engaging in a stare-off with the feathery creatures. It's more tranquil than it sounds. Just be careful not to touch them – although the owls have been trained to be around humans, being touched makes them a tad stressed. Cafe Baron

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