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a DJ performing in front of a crowd during the day. Street party for Pride festivities in Toronto, Canada
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The best nightlife in Toronto

The best nightlife in Toronto covers vintage barcades, packed clubs and storied music venues. Get ready to party!

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Laura Maize

If you’ve been to Toronto, you’ll already know that this city knows how to have fun. If you haven’t? Well, get ready. The drinking scene in this Canadian city is second to none, with everything from beach-style bars to hidden speakeasies to get your pre-game on. And once you’re ready for a boogie, it’s time to hit the clubs. 

Toronto takes partying seriously. Get yourself down to a night out in The Six and you’ll see what we mean. Long queues lead to thumping clubs, and an abundance of late-night food spots make sure you don’t go hungry after. Here you’ll find disco parties and ‘90s nights, indie bars, drag events and mini-golf courses with booze. Underground music venues and a club night at a museum. Whatever your style, here are the best clubs in Toronto right now. 

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Best nightlife in Toronto

This dark basement bar at Dundas and Dovercourt is a hotspot for underground dance parties and electronic beats. It fills up quickly with patrons that tend to care more about dancing to their favourite tune or DJ than picking up a date. This is the place to hit if you’re itching for an alternative night out. Arrive early to grab a cocktail at the upstairs neighbour bar Mr. Flamingo.

Now in a new location not far from its old College St. location, Track and Field boasts shuffleboard and bocce lanes along with the Ontario-invented table game of crokinole. A great selection of beers, cocktails on tap (including the hangover-free, non-alcoholic variety) and a super-friendly staff create a homey, welcoming atmosphere. Explore your inner retiree with a round of shuffleboard. Playing isn’t required, but it gets more fun the more you drink. We promise.


The latest execution of the activities-plus-alcohol formula is Lob, an East End joint that combines bocce with mini-golf and, of course, booze. Nine courses feature astroturf lanes and uneven terrain lined with gutters that’ll challenge seasoned (and sober) bocce players. Perfect for nights out with a competitive edge, Lob has become a popular spot for birthday parties and office nights out.

Yearning for the tunes of yesteryear? The schedule of events at the Piston spans the decades with disco parties, ’90s video dance nights and ’60s mod vinyl DJs. There is plenty of space to dance, and a separate bar at the front makes it easy to take breaks from the action. An inclusive environment and easygoing attitude make nights at the Piston friendlier and more approachable than your average venue.


This indie comedy bar is the place to catch local talent and touring pros, with over 150 shows a month between two stages. Regular acts include the improv group Catch23 and the comedy troupe The Sketchersons. There’s a welcoming vibe here emphasizing inclusive, homegrown comedy. You’ll often catch comedians and patrons lingering over beverages long after the show is over.

This bar on Dundas West pours an impressive list of craft beers on tap and fancier bottled options that you won’t find elsewhere. With a North of Brooklyn Pizzeria in the bar – and a decent selection of vintage arcade games – you can happily set up shop for the whole night. Do you like beer? Do you like pizza? How about Galaga, Gauntlet and the original vector Star Wars? What are you waiting for?


While not associated with the Toronto-born rapper of the same name, the Drake Hotel’s nightlife offerings are no less hip or happening. This boutique hotel is a hub for local events, including concerts, DJs and multimedia art. The Drake’s basement venue, the Underground, hosts a rotating roster of dance parties, touring acts and cultural happenings like slam poetry nights. A separate lounge and rooftop bar are suitable spots for a breather when you need it.


Formerly the Wreck Room and Footwork, CODA is a popular underground music venue on Bathurst Street. Amazing parties ensure a packed spot every weekend, so arrive before midnight if you want to get in. If Toronto’s 2 am last call isn’t working for you, you don’t have to pack it in and go home; CODA will keep you going all night long, or at least until the sun comes up.


Don’t let the religious name fool you. All manner of gender-bending revelry breaks down at this Little Italy club in the form of a lively drag show on weekend evenings. In between, dance it out to live DJs spinning tunes with a Latin flair. The love for Latin tunes and drag culture brings all walks of life, and an impressive span of ages, to this lively club. You aren’t likely to feel out of place here.

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