Three tin capsule homes near a fire pit on Clark Farm Montana.
Courtesy: Airbnb The capsule farm stay

The 12 most unique Airbnbs in the U.S.

From Hobbit holes to literal dog houses, these unusual Airbnbs offer a wide range of accommodation


Ahh, the United States of America. What a place to explore. With so many different cities, landscapes, and vibes, there's something for everyone on their travels to the country. Whether you take the summer to try out the best attractions in the USA, the most bizarre landmarks in the USA, or the best national parks in the U.S., there’s bound to be an interesting Airbnb nearby. And for a place as diverse as America, you need to stay somewhere that truly captures the country's essence. And no doubt, there's an Airbnb to match the vibe. We've got the strangest, most quirky Airbnbs across the U.S. From a Hobbit hole to a spaceship, you're going to question everything you know and have to book one to see it for yourself.

Updated April 2024: We constantly scour Airbnb to find you some of the most exceptional (and whackiest) stays money can get you and on this occasion, we've found two new rentals we think are worth your while, like this stunning farm stay in the affectionately called, big ol' soup can (no joke) and this UFO just across the pond in Baja California. Enjoy.

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in and review every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on our expert knowledge of the destination covered, editorial reviews, user reviews, hotel amenities and in-depth research to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

Unique Airbnbs in the U.S.

1. Kilipell, MT: The capsule farm stay

It's not hard to see why we added this one to the top of our roundup of unique stays. Turns out that this capsule home just so happens to be situated on five lush acres of farmland near Glacier Park, Montana. Constructed from metal, these clever little Scandi-style domes are no tin can. Instead, they are uber cozy and surprisingly spacious inside. On top of a relaxing natural backdrop, the location also features a campfire area, so you can enjoy moody sunsets and the fresh mountain air by a toasty firelight. How's that for charm?

Beds? One bedroom. Sleeps three.

Location perks? Onsite parking, panoramic views, and total serenity. 

Budget range? Pretty affordable. 

2. Tiller OR: The summit prairie in

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, chilling in your private prairie, but you're standing 40 feet above the ground – that's the experience you'll get at this four-bedroom stay. Found in Tiller, the building is modeled off fire lookout towers and overlooks Umpqua National Forest. Inside, you'll find a haven of wooden interiors, with a full kitchen, comfortable beds, and two rocking chairs for soaking up the incredible views and spotting local wildlife. There's even a fire pit, wood-fired hot tub, vegetable garden, and hammock to enjoy while you're there too.

Beds? One queen-size bed and two single beds. Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks? In the heart of the Umpqua National Forest, surrounded by 160 acres of beautiful private land.

Budget range? A well-priced getaway for four pals. 


3. Joshua Tree, CA: The Kellogg Doolittle House

This luxe Airbnb lives in the heart of the Joshua Tree National Park – and it's well worth the visit. Renowned as one of the "most exclusive homes in the world", the Kellogg Doolittle House is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece. The designer Kellogg previously worked with Frank Lloyd Wright and brought this unique vision to life over the past 25 years. As for what's on offer, where to begin? Aside from the beautiful three bedrooms (and bathrooms), the overall interiors are designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape where you'll not find a single straight line in sight. The open-plan living space and kitchen are thoughtfully worked around a million-year-old rock formation while the cleverly-incorporated glass panels offer a sneak peek at sunrise. The location couldn't be more remote, with surrounding boulders as your only pals. Blissful doesn't even come close.

Beds? One king-size bed with an ensuite, one queen-size bed with an ensuite, and a queen-size bed. Sleeps up to six guests.

Location perks? This striking architectural masterpiece is situated in the heart of the desert so you can live out your best Flintstones fantasy.

Budget range? Everything about this Airbnb is as luxurious as possible – expect the same from the price tag. Large and luxe all the way.


4. Orondo, WA: The mountain hygge

Built right into the mountainside of the Columbia River Gorge, this Hobbit hole has an iconic round doorway with views that capture rolling orchards and hills as well as stunning sunsets. Inside are thoughtful touches like a polished-wood chess set and a woodworking bench with whittling tools to keep you occupied during your stay. There’s no kitchen on the property, but the charming RiverWalk Inn Cafe is just a short drive away. Perfect for getting away from the bustle of city living for a moment.

Beds? One queen-size bed. Sleeps up to two guests.

Location perks? This gorgeous hygge is nestled in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge among the mountains – plenty of exploring to be done in Hobbtisville.

Budget range? Mid to high range for a family weekend – but worth it all.


5. Roswell, NM: The Missile Base Bunker property

This missile base/bunker Airbnb is certainly a unique place to stay. Leading down 186 ft, the Missile Silo is still virtually completely intact, with much of its original floors. The renovation of Airbnb created an unbelievable underground home for you to stay in on your travels. Within the cost of your stay, you'll also get a tour of the place. And if you're worried that there wouldn't be service or Wi-Fi, have no fear, both are available. Why not book a stay here and sleep rich in history?

Beds? Two single beds and four airbeds. Sleeps up to two guests and up to four infants.

Location perks? This old-school silo is quite literally in the middle of nowhere – but welcomes fun and intrigue across the board.

Budget range? A truly unique space that's worth every dollar for the experience.

6. Geneva, FL: The man cave

This is a man cave hosted in an active airplane hangar (no, we're not joking). As well as being somewhere to relax and unwind, the space also hosts a garage that repairs classic cars and features an extensive bar stocked with brews. The interior lays on the masculine patina thick: there’s a lived-in leather sofa, framed images of planes and automobiles, a dartboard and hanging traffic lights, motorbikes, and aircraft parts. The lofted bed sleeps two and there’s a satellite TV, a fireplace, and A/C.

Beds? One queen-size bed and a sofa. Sleeps up to three guests.

Location perks? This quirky apartment is located in the middle of the air hanger and provides endless entertainment all around. 

Budget range? A super affordable trip for two. Enjoy.

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7. St. Paul, MN: The haunted manor

Rumored by Minnesota locals to be haunted, this stately 1884 manor looks imposing from the outside but inside is packed with thoughtful details such as period furniture, weathered leather trunks, and intriguing all-black bathroom fixtures. The master bedroom offered in the listing is spacious, with tall ceilings and plenty of windows that flood the space with light. You'll also have shared access to the kitchen, a sweet hot tub, and a very friendly Doberman named Scorch.

Beds? One queen-size bed and an airbed in a private room of the castle (shared with host). Sleeps up to two guests.

Location perks? This majestic castle has the benefit of large, private grounds – while close to a diverse and thriving neighborhood.

Budget range? A very affordable choice for an incredibly unique stay.

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8. Taos, NM: The otherworldly home

On the outside, this futuristic, off-the-grid home looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The gray curve of sculpted concrete and a wall of windows create a very otherworldly feel. Inside, though, it’s a handsome studio with a full kitchen and bathroom. Built by hand by owner Dan, the house (named "the Earthship") catches its rainwater with sloping windows, generates its electricity with solar panels, and stays at 72 degrees year-round without any air conditioning. There's even an attached greenhouse, where plants help regulate the house’s temperature and perfume it with the smell of fresh mint.

Beds? One queen-size bed and one floor mattress. Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks? This futuristic earthship is situated in the heart of New Mexico's high desert, surrounded by the distant Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  

Budget range? A cheap and cheerful stay for you and three mates. 


9. Woodridge, NY: The glamping dome

This see-through yurt that's set on a 12-acre property comes with access to a pond and hiking trails, plus you'll get the chance to hang with alpacas, sheep, and goats. You'll get your bed and sheets, but additional guests will have to sort out air mattresses for themselves, while the space contains showers, a fridge, and an outdoor kitchen. Feeling creative? There's a recording studio, a fiber arts workshop, and a vintage clothing store. The pièce de résistance has to be the giant window, overlooking the lush surrounding wilderness and giving you one heck of a view every morning.

Beds? One king-size bed along with many more alternative accommodation options. Sleeps up to 16 guests.

Location perks? This bucolic geodome lives in the forest-coveted community of Woodridge, where midday yoga and community meals are the norm. Get involved.

Budget range? Wildly affordable if all 16 of you rock up. 

10. Terlingua, TX : The desert getaway

This beautiful adobe dome located in the West Texas desert is one heck of a spectacle. Shaped in a sort of Star Wars style, the off-the-grid tiny house sleeps just three people and is decorated with bohemian bejeweled window books and rustic wood furniture. The real stunners, however, are outside the dom, the incredibly star-saturated nighttime desert sky and the incredible, see-it-to-believe-it colors of a desert sunrise. Plus, the entrance to Big Bend National Park is just a 25-minute drive away.

Beds? One large bed and a sofa. Sleeps up to three guests.

Location perks? This off-grid adobe dome is a one-of-a-kind experience, located near Big Bend. The best part? The starry sky you'll sit under as night falls.

Budget range? Extremely reasonable for what's on offer.


11. Volcano, HI: The rainforest retreat

Want to be in the thick of it? Located just eight miles away from the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park and just a short walk away from idyllic beaches, the house is lifted fifteen feet above the rainforest floor, giving you impressive panoramas throughout your stay. Yeah, it's gorgeous from the outside, but indoors you'll get a taste of chilled Hawaiian living. From the bamboo-woven bathroom walls to the Koa wooden basins, the handmade elevated bed to the wicker chairs, the house encourages you to unplug and become one with nature.

Beds? One queen-size bed. Sleeps up to two guests.

Location perks? This beautiful treehouse is perfect for nature lovers looking to explore the surrounding forest in their own time – and space.

Budget range? A very well-priced rainforest getaway for two.

12. Guadalupe Valley, BC: The UFO crash site

We're pretty sure this rental crashlanded from space... Perched on a cliff face just across the pond, in the beautiful Guadalupe Valley, this conspicuous lime-colored flying saucer offers guests a pet-friendly, secluded countryside escape for up to four guests - or should we say, abductees - with lots of intergalactic intrigues indoors to pique your interests like the turquoise neon lighting, 16 round porthole windows offering panoramic views, odd squiggly-looking cutlery, the dome-shaped bedroom a the top of the spaceship, and even a step ladder to board your new abode. other unique touches include a telescope for gazing up at the night sky and an outdoor heated jacuzzi for taking in those otherworldly views in style and comfort.

Beds? Two bedrooms. Sleeps four. 

Location perks? Stunning views of Guadalupe Valley. 

Budget range? A little hefty, but not astronomical. 

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