Did you know you can donate your recycled Christmas tree to a goat to eat?

Round them up.

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Anna Rahmanan
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Goats on trees
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Now that the holiday season is officially behind us, two questions reign supreme: What is there to look forward to and... what should we do with our beloved (used) Christmas trees? Although only offering a momentary distraction in response to the first query, we've got an answer for your second one: goats all around the United States would love to munch on your discarded Christmas trees—which is why local farms across the country are actually looking for donations. 

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Specifically, a variety of farms in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan and beyond have taken to social media to ask people to drop off their recycled holiday greenery for their beloved animals to munch on. Full disclosure: this isn't a new trend. Farms have been accepting recycled trees post holiday season for years now.

Check out some recent tweets:

Here a couple of things to keep in mind before loading your car with the greenery: all sorts of tinsels, garlands and ornaments must be removed from the tree before drop-off and the farms will only be accepting donations that have not been sprayed with chemicals. You're basically giving away food, after all.

So if you have yet to dispose of your beautiful Christmas tree, opt for a quick Google search to find a local farm that will accept it for a good cause. We bet there are some hungry goats right near you that would appreciate it! 

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