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Best animal live cams in the United States

These animal live cams from throughout the United States offer tons of critter cuteness in real time

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Howard Halle

From virtual tours of haunted places and national parks to losing yourself in online jigsaw puzzles , movies on Hulu and Bob Ross painting lessons, the internet has gifted the housebound with all manner of diversions. But for our money, nothing quite comforts—and instructs—the soul like an opportunity to commune with our furry and feathered friends through the scores of animal live cams that are offered by zoos and wildlife refuges across the country.

Of course, these real-time feeds offer a much-welcomed overload of pure cuteness stretched over hours. But they also serve as object lessons for the urgent need to preserve the diversity of life. So what better way is there to kill time than to try something that is both entertaining, as well as enlightening about your place in the world? Given that, as previously mentioned, there are a lot of live cams online, you may be wondering where to begin. Well, no worries! We're here to help with recommendations to get you started. 

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Five animal live cams we love

1. Live Sumatran Tiger Cam, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Jacksonville, FL

Time to let your inner Joe Exotic out of its cage? Then check out this live feed of tigers doing their thing. Here, kitty, kity.

2. Kansas City Zoo Penguin Cam, Kansas City, MO

Look, penguins are completely adorable and have no problem with same-sex marriage. What else do you need to know?


3. San Diego Zoo Koala Cam, San Diego, CA

Untold numbers of these cuddly marsupials were lost during Australia’s recent brush fires, but the ones here are safe and sound and totally delightful. (The video below is pre-recorded; find the live feed here.)

4. Lubee Bat Conservancy, Gainesville FL

Bats have been getting a bum rap for supposedly spreading you-know-what to humans; but humans shouldn’t have messing around their habitats in the first place. The Lubee Bat Conservancy specializes in the largest of the species, known as the Flying Fox. They’re happy to hang with you.


5. National Zoo Giant Panda Cam, Washington D.C.

These days, giant pandas have found homes in many zoos across the U.S., but the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. was the very first to get one as a gift from China in the 1970s. (The video below is pre-recorded; find the live feed here.)

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