Kids' theatre in London

Get the kids hooked on culture with these great London shows for young ones

Too big for puppets but too small to refrain from squirming for two full acts? Try one of these energetic theatre shows for kids. The productions on this list are best for ages five and up. If you're thinking smaller read about shows for younger children instead, or if they're getting on a bit try our family theatre shows page.

Shows for kids

Adventures in Wonderland

A show for kids to accompany the 'Alice's Adventures Underground' immersive show for adults in the Vaults at Waterloo. 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is multi-sensory fun for children aged 5 and up. Theatre company Les Enfants Terribles create the entire weird world of Alice over several rooms underground. Kids have to make choices which determines the way their individual show goes, but the audience come together at the end for a big tea party and play croquet with the Queen of Hearts.  

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The Vaults Saturday May 9 2015 - Sunday May 31 2015

Against Captain’s Orders: A Journey into the Uncharted

Critics' choice

Avast! Those of you still trying to work out what the bejesus was going on in Punchdrunk’s cryptic odyssey ‘The Drowned Man’ will be relieved to discover that the latest show from the immersive theatre gurus ventures into calmer waters.There’s a catch, though: ‘Against Captain’s Orders’ is in fact the work of Punchdrunk Enrichment, the company’s learning-centric spin-off, and is running not in a hip abandoned warehouse but the basement of the Greenwich Maritime Museum.

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National Maritime Museum Until Monday August 31 2015

Henry the Fifth

'Henry The Fifth' returns to the Unicorn in May 2015. This review is of the show's 2013 run. ‘Henry V’ is probably one of the hardest Shakespeare plays to adapt for children. It’s wordy and its main themes are about courage and leadership: characteristics a little irrelevant to the pre-teens.

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Unicorn Theatre Sunday May 17 2015 - Sunday May 31 2015

Operation Magic Carpet

Head from the damp misty streets of London over to warm Baghdad where a young girl meets a genie and a magic carpet and heads east. Characters from 'Arabian Night's appear along Nomi's journey and her quest to get home. Ages 6-11.  Samantha Ellis's play is about knowing where you come from and knowing where you're going.

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Polka Theatre Until Sunday May 24 2015
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