The 100 best animated movies: animators and filmmakers A to D

Experts including Disney and Pixar directors, Wes Anderson, Nick Park and Carlos Saldanha vote for their favorite animated movies



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How did we choose the 100 best animated movies of all time? We went straight to the experts and asked them to tell us their personal top ten films. From there we calculated the top 100 overall best animated movies. Here, you'll find the personal selections of animators and filmmakers including Wes Anderson (writer-director of Fantastic Mr Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel), Sylvain Chomet (director of The Illusionist and The Triplets of Belleville) and Chris Sanders (director of How to Train Your Dragon).

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Sigga Björg

Sigga Björg is an Icelandic visual artist whose work includes several animated shorts.

David Blandy

David Blandy is a London-based artist and animator whose work has been shown in galleries and festivals worldwide.

My Neighbor Totoro is a childhood fantasy of cat buses and flying monsters, twisting together Shinto, folktales and children trying to cope with an absent mother. I could have chosen ten Studio Ghibli films and it’d still be a great list. Only Yesterday is a beautiful and understated Studio Ghibli film directed by Isao Takahata. It reminds me of a piece of French New Wave, a contemporary woman’s reminiscences about childhood set against her present life, which gains extra resonance through the fact that it is animated. Every gesture and glance is so orchestrated, yet looks so natural. Akira was the monster that made me realize that all the animation I’d loved as a child was Japanese: Ulysses 31, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, ThunderCats…”

Jim Blinn

Jim Blinn is a pioneer in digital animation who designed simulations for NASA’s Voyager spacecraft. His work appeared in Carl Sagan’s TV documentary series Cosmos.

“From the surprise opening, to Jessie’s song (I cried like a baby the first 20 times I saw the movie), to the various in-jokes that would make sense only to those in my generation (like the logo on Andy’s T-shirt from ‘Cowboy Camp’), Toy Story 2 is my favorite movie of all time in any genre. Monsters, Inc. is a totally original story that could only be told in this medium. It also shows how Pixar can telegraph the background of a world brilliantly, as in the TV commercial near the beginning of the movie. The Three Caballeros is episodic, and not all the episodes are great. But the title song in the middle of the movie is a hoot, and the last half hour is an incredible acid trip.”

Annika Bluhm

Annika Bluhm is the coscreenwriter of Postman Pat: The Movie.

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Mr. Turner

  • Rated as: 5/5
  • Critics choice

Mike Leigh delivers a naturalistic, stunningly shot biopic about the working life of J.M.W. Turner. Timothy Spall plays the legendary painter with brave and captivating restraint.


The Interview

  • Rated as: 4/5
  • Critics choice

In the unlikely event that this subversive Seth Rogen comedy proves to be Sony’s downfall, at least they'll go out with a bang—the jokes are wonderfully lowbrow.


Winter Sleep

  • Rated as: 4/5
  • Critics choice

This year’s winner of the Palme d’Or is a nearly four-hour drama about a curmudgeon who lives in Turkey's remote mountains. Despite that, it’s pretty great.

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