The 100 best animated movies: Disney and Pixar creatives

Experts including Disney and Pixar directors, Wes Anderson, Nick Park and Carlos Saldanha vote for their favorite animated movies



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How did we choose the 100 best animated movies of all time? We went straight to the experts and asked them to tell us their personal top ten films. From there we calculated the top 100 overall best animated movies. An exciting selection of Disney and Pixar creatives ­ including Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull, Up and Monsters, Inc. director Pete Docter and Frozen co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee ­ told us their personal top ten animated movies. But they asked that their choices remain anonymous, so below you'll find their top tens, unattached from their names. Explore.

Chris Buck

Chris Buck is the codirector of animated features Tarzan, Surf’s Up and most recently Disney’s smash hit Frozen.

Ed Catmull

Ed Catmull was a cofounder and is the current president of Pixar Studios.

Ron Clements

Ron Clements is the codirector, with John Musker, of Disney hits including Aladdin and Treasure Planet. They’re working on a new film, Moana.

Pete Docter

Pete Docter is the codirector of Pixar hits including Monsters, Inc., Up and the forthcoming Inside Out.

Byron Howard

Byron Howard is the codirector of Bolt, Tangled and the forthcoming Zootopia, due in 2016.

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee was the cowriter of Wreck-It Ralph, before going on to write and codirect Disney’s Frozen.

John Musker

John Musker is the codirector, with Ron Clements, of Disney hits including The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Frog. They’re working on a new film, Moana.

Kori Rae

Kori Rae is a producer for Pixar whose work includes 2013’s Monsters University.

Dan Scanlon

Dan Scanlon is a longtime animator and storyboard artist for Pixar who directed his first animated feature, Monsters University, in 2013.

Lee Unkrich

Lee Unkrich is the codirector of Pixar hits including Toy Story 2, Monsters University and Finding Nemo, and is the director of Toy Story 3.

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