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The food lover's summer bucket list

Next-level hamburgers, highbrow soft serve and a blogosphere-busting sandwich—here’s everything you need to eat before Labor Day

Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz
Spicy chicken sandwich at Fuku

If there’s one season truly made for eating and drinking, it’s summer. Just look at the variety: deconstructed lobster rolls, top-rate ice cream sandwiches and turnt-up tacos. Here’s all the snacks, plates and desserts you need to shove into your face before summer ends.

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Chuck D
Chuck D

Some of these look fantastic! Personally, my favorite summer meal is the The Bearded Piggly Wiggly Sandwich at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. It is Crispy Kurobuta pork belly with apple-cucumber slaw, red watercress, grain mustard aioli, toasted ciabatta bread, served with malt vinegar fries!!! YUM! My favorite sandwich in NYC, by far. The whole meal just melts in your mouth. I'm also a big fan of the new "guys night" drink samples every Wednesday at the bar), and my girlfriend loves the new ladies night (free drinks every Thursday at the bar), at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. It's a must-try!

April G
April G

This is actually my car wash donut with a hint of lavender ice cream sandwich. Vanilla ice cream, and it was so delicious, just enough ice cream.