Best waxing spas and salons in NYC for men and women

Find the best waxing spas in NYC that offer the most affordable pricing and the least painful waxes.



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Whether you’re looking for the best bargain, the most luxe experience or the least painful wax, we rounded up the best places in NYC for eyebrows, bikini waxes, underarms and facial waxing. Top spots include Bliss, Hibba NYC, Completely Bare and Strip Ministry of Waxing.

  • Hibba NYC

  • Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

    Body by Hibba brow pencil, $12

  • Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

    Body by Hibba ingrown relief cloth, $12

  • European Wax Center

  • European Wax Center exfoliator, $38

  • Strip Ministry of Waxing

  • Malin + Goetz eucalyptus shower gel, $18, at Strip Ministry of Waxing

  • Uni K Wax Center

  • Uni K Wax Center Body Collection, $22–$33 each

  • Bliss

  • Bliss home waxing kit, $48

  • Bliss facial hair removal cream, $24

  • Completely Bare

  • Completely Bare numbing spray, $10

  • Completely Bare body moisturizer, $10

Hibba NYC

Most affordable: Hibba NYC

Pricing: Brazilian bikini ($45, sugaring $50), underarms ($14, sugaring $16), full legs ($55, sugaring $61), lower back ($20, sugaring $22), upper lip (threading $5), eyebrows (threading $15)
Why it rocks: More often than not, Hibba offers amazing deals, including two waxes for $40 and a three pack for $70. Check online and you’ll almost always find bargains (as low as $20!), especially during warm-weather months and around holidays.
Worth noting: Don’t ask to get your eyebrows waxed—it’s strictly threading ($15) here for the most precise arches.  
Don’t leave without: Body by Hibba ingrown relief cloths ($12), brow gels ($10) and pencils ($12) 448 West Broadway between W Houston and Prince Sts, second floor (212-260-4321) • 315 Madison Ave between 41st and 42nd Sts, suite 507 (212-661-1695) •

  1. Various locations
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Most convenient: European Wax Center

Pricing: Brazilian bikini ($42), underarms ($16), full legs ($60), lower back ($15), upper lip ($9), eyebrows ($16)
Why it rocks: A pool party, a hot date—events tend to pop up when you are least expecting them. With 11 locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, it’s easy to find a spot close by.
Worth noting: Technicians use 100 percent natural beeswax that’s gentle on the skin, and apply a prewax oil to ensure a smooth finish.
Don’t leave without: Spa-label calming cream ($17), ingrown-hair serum ($25) and brow-defining gel ($20) Locations throughout the city; visit

  1. Various locations

Best for men: Strip Ministry of Waxing

Brazilian bikini (men $95, women $75), underarms (men $30, women $25), full legs (men $85, women $75), lower back (men $35, women $30), upper lip (men $18, women $16), eyebrows (men $36, women $34)
Why it rocks: For first-timers (or guys who don’t want to remove it all), Strip offers a uniquely detailed menu, allowing you to pick and choose exactly how much hair goes—say, just the crack ($25) or a clipping down the front ($35). Dudes who want to go for the whole shebang (full back and boyzilian—or “back, sac and crack”, $115) but fear the pain of waxing can grip the animal-shaped stress toy ($7 to purchase) placed in each room for stress relief during appointments. The industrial decor is also guy-friendly, with exposed brick and the brand’s humorous ads on the wall reading flaunting more manhood than you ever thought possible.
Worth noting: Strip promises that no matter how much hair you have, techs can get you in and out in just 15 minutes.
Don’t leave without: House-label Ice Cream soothing lotion ($39), SOS Virgin Forest Rescue kit (includes moisturizer, an exfoliating bath mitt and a squeeze toy; $43), Malin + Goetz eucalyptus shower gel ($18)

  1. 56 Spring St, (between Lafayette and Mulberry Sts)
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Most hygienic: Uni K Wax Center

Pricing: Brazilian bikini (men $73, women $47), underarms (men $19, women $13), full legs (men $65, women $55), lower back (men $29, women $17), upper lip (men $11, women $9), eyebrows (men $21, women $17)
Why it rocks: Each Uni K location has an in-house lab with techs who prepare a new warming pot for every customer. Leftover wax gets thrown out, as do any spatulas and applicators used during your appointment, meaning there’s never a fear of double-dipping. The elastic formula is also removed sans strips for less pulling on the skin.
Worth noting: Sign up for the rewards program for dough-saving deals, including $2 off when you book an appointment online.
Don’t leave without: House-label citrus body polish ($27), hydrating dry oil spray ($33), ingrown-hair roll-on gel ($22), mineral eyebrow powders ($10) and shaping stencils ($5) 553 Third Ave between 36th and 37th Sts (212-481-2777) • 13 W 18th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves (212-255-5561) • 1626 Third Ave between 91st and 92nd Sts (212-369-6888) •

  1. Various locations

Least painful: Bliss Spa

Pricing: Brazilian bikini ($75), underarms ($24), full legs ($95), lower back ($35), upper lip ($15), eyebrows ($35)
Why it rocks: Although its staffers won’t give up the secret formula, we can attest to the near painlessness of Bliss’s proprietary “poetic stripless wax.” The aromatherapy-based hair remover is used at a low temperature, which helps mellow the sting. Each appointment concludes with the application of a waxing oil that calms any redness.
Worth noting: With every service, you have access to the spa’s luxe showers and locker rooms. Stick around to primp and play with Bliss loot.
Don’t leave without: Bliss body waxing strips ($36), facial-hair remover cream ($24), ingrown-hair pads ($38) and exfoliating scrub ($36) 541 Lexington Ave between 49th and 50th Sts, fourth floor • 12 W 57th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves, third floor • 568 Broadway at Prince St, second floor • 877-862-5477,

  1. Various locations
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Best ambience: Completely Bare

Prices: Brazilian bikini ($75), underarms ($20), full legs ($80), lower back ($40), upper lip ($15), eyebrows ($30)
Why it rocks: Waiting for your service feels like hanging out in a girly dream apartment, featuring purple couches, textured walls, Lucite chairs and gratis espresso.
Worth noting: If you’re feeling extra daring, get a Vajewel ($25) service, during which 30 to 70 Swarovski crystals are arranged in a bubble heart, peace sign, star or bow right above your newly waxed nether regions.
Don’t leave without: Completely Bare face, bikini and body wax strips ($13); numbing sprays ($10); hair-inhibiting body moisturizers ($10); and glycolic-acid pads ($10) for bikini bumps 25 Bond St between Bowery and Lafayette St • 103 Fifth Ave between 17th and 18th Sts, third floor • 764 Madison Ave between 65th and 66th Sts, third floor • 212-366-6060,

  1. Various locations

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Lars M
Lars M

It's kind of weird for me to consider waxing, but my hair has really grown out of control. It's so thick, it's affecting my hygiene, so I need to get something done about it. I'm not sure if I want to wax or go with the laser removal. Regardless, I need to get this situation taken care of. Thanks for the list of good places, I'll be sure check them out. 

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