James Barnor’s Jamestown Revisited | Photo Exhibition

Art, Photography
Jamestown Barno Revisited

A photographic exhibition of James Barnor's work, looking at Accra, as part of the 60th anniversary of Ghana's Independence.

James Barnor’s Jamestown Revisited as the names indicates, explores through his photography, the narrative on the history of the city of Accra, where he was born and practiced photography. 
James Barnor’s work freezes in time the nostalgia and the spirit of Accra in a way that allows one to reimagine what Accra could be...a city with great potential.
Some of the key questions that this exhibition explores, are the social backgrounds of the archived families who are captured in the photos. Other key areas include their eco-nomic class, educational attainment /achievement, their links with the diaspora, the reasons for the pictures that were taken.
For the first time the people represented will be able to see positive images of themselves in their forebearers. These images show a gone by time of enlightenment and a progressive attitude to life in these parts that is lost on the present inhabitants (partly caused by unemployment, low self esteem, lack of education and all the other impediments to human development.)
The exhibition therefore aims to serve as a mirror of a past that can be used as a spur to the potential development of the future.
Event phone: +233 302 522248
Event website: http://archiafrika.org/
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