A complete list of lighting installations at Awakening Bangkok 2018

Stroll down the streets to witness these extravagant lighting showcases.

Awakening Bangkok - Reflections
By Time Out Bangkok editors |

Awakening Bangkok, a festival of lights organized by Time Out Bangkok, along with a few distinguished partners, nudges this historic district “awake” with light installations—exhibited in the area’s most iconic structures—that hearken bark to Charoenkrung’s heritage but also give a glimpse of its future. We invite you to take a walk down memory lane—in more ways than one—and admire these riveting showcases created by Bangkok’s emerging visual designers. And as you amble down the path once trod upon by the ancestors of the city, may you rediscover the many charms and hidden attractions of the locale that first put Bangkok on the map.

Awakening Bangkok - Reflections

Rhythm of Reflection

Artist: Spark Industries

Location: Prince Theatre Heritage Stay 

Using the reflection and refraction of light, this artwork explores the cultural diversity of Charoenkrung, where Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern and European communities have lived together for years, and how these communities are collectively bringing the neighborhood towards the future.

Awakening Bangkok - Crown Pavilion
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

The Crown Pavilion

Artist: Conscious x Kimbab

Location: Prince Theatre Heritage Stay

The iconic “crown” feature of the renowned Prince Theater becomes the canvas for pixel art portraying iconic movie stars and popular film characters.

Anywhere, Awakening Bangkok
Anywhere/Awakening Bangkok


Artist: Arisara phumprasop, Nutthawan Saetang, Irene Kanokphitakkul

Location: Prince Theatre Heritage Stay 

Playing with the concept of illusion, this art installation uses lighting to discover what’s hidden beyond the limelight.

Awakening Bangkok - Spectrum
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

The Spectrum

Artist: Vawa Studio

Location: Prince Theater Heritage Stay

This art installation experiments with liquid crystals and different color filters to highlight the contrast between old and new movie screening technologies.

Awakening Bangkok - California Dream
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

California Dream

Artist: Splendour Solis Collective

Location: Prince Theatre Heritage Stay

Back in the ’80s and 90s, this standalone cinema in Charoenkrung was popular for romantic assignations and rendezvous. This art installation redefines the phrase “California Dream” by using a mirror-wall passageway to portray love, reverie and memory, and to show the parallelism between dreams and reality.

Awakening Bangkok - Aesthetics
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


Artist: Billy Team

Location: O.P. Place 

This lighting installation employs the concept of kinetic art to give off the illusion that a stationary art piece is moving.

From / Object / to studio, Eyes on me, Awakening Bangkok
From / Object / to studio

Eyes on me

Artist: From / Object / to studio

Location: O.P. Place

Art collective From / Object / to studio reimagines O.P. Place as a symbol of the long-gone heyday of Charoenkrung. The light exhibit takes place outside of the structure, intimating that we could only observe the past as outsiders. Serving a bit irony, the installation also hints that understanding the past is the only way we can move into the future.

Awakening Bangkok - 112 Red Yellow

112 Red & Yellow Tubes [will be exhibited till Nov 20]

Artist: Liam Morgan 

Location: O.P. Place 

Part of Liam Morgan’s Ngan Wat series, 112 Red and Yellow Tubes features the use of kinetic light objects. Originally shown in Yokohama, Japan and now in Thailand for the first time, it re-envisions the decorative elements used in Thai temple fairs.

Awakening Bangkok - Jameson
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

JAMESON presents Jam Space

Location: Prince Theatre Heritage Stay

The entrance of O.P. Place is transformed into a lighting showcase that utilizes HYPERVSN, a cutting-edge holographic technology from England backed by visionary entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Awakening Bangkok - Elevator
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


Artist: At Yeast

Location: Swan Hotel

Inspired by elements that represent transience, such as the short stay of a hotel guest, this art installation uses elevators to give the audience a sense of “time travel.”

Awakening Bangkok - Triangle Light
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Triangle Light

Artist: MOD No.2 (Kesorn Khamlaeng, Wanwisa
Polyiem, Thunyapaphat Kittithananuwong,
Boontika pokpong, Anchali rattanasaringkhan,
Chareephorn Sarakarn, Chayamon Steerasinlapin)

Location: Haroon Mosque Community

Using triangular shapes and light bulbs, traditionally
regarded as symbols of enlightenment, this installation
aims to represent the neighborhood of Chareonkrung,
which was the birthplace of commercial prosperity in
Bangkok, as well as an educational hub in modern Thai

Awakening Bangkok - Travel Through Times
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Travel Through Times

Artist: Patamon Nisabodee

Location: Haroon Mosque Community

The artist uses a light mirror to examine the connection
between the different eras of Charoenkrung,
reconnecting its past, present and future through
the use of dichroic materials, and die cut and V-laser

Awakening Bangkok - Floor Fueng Fah
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Project _ Floor Fuang Fah (15-16)

Artist: Leftover Studio

Location: Marine Police Lodge

This installation uses sound and light movement to relive
the grand parties the structure would host for foreign
guests in the past. “Floor Fueng Fah” also celebrates the
building’s forthcoming inclusion in the list of conserved
historic buildings by the Fine Arts Department.

Awakening Bangkok - Oscillate
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


Artist: Kawisara Anansaringkarn

Location: Parking lot of Marine Police Lodge

This installation plays up light shining through tools and utensils commonly used in the Bangrak neighborhood to show the unique relationship between the locals and their everyday objects.

Awakening Bangkok - Vestige
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


Artist: COTH STUDIO (Designer: Chalermkiat Somdulyawat; programmer: Nattapat Koomklang; and sound designer: Kasidath Ritngarm)

Location: Parking lot of Marine Police Lodge

Vestige uses cutting-edge installation to examine the
effects of time and memory on the community, and to
provoke the audience into recognizing the connection
between the past and the future.

Awakening Bangkok - Under Surveillance
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Under Surveillance

Artist: The Pagan Pilgrim

Location: O.P. Garden

Under Surveillance uses experimental art to mimic the idea of being watched on a CCTV at all times, thus spotlighting issues of both security and insecurity. The audience is invited to write down their feelings of being watched on the installation.

Awakening Bangkok - Antenna of Letter
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Antenna of Letter

Artist: Living Spirit

Location: Grand Postal Building

Paying homage to the history and previous function
of the Grand Postal Building, this interactive lighting
installation, which comprises columns each with a letter
of the alphabet, allows the audience to come up with a
message and light it up in the color of their choice.

Awakening Bangkok - Holo Light
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Holo Light  

Artist:MOD No.1 (Vadfa Booncham, Praewpan Luansiri, Tidsawan Yamsiri, Kittipong Chaikamharn, Suthathip Uppasuk, Atipat Pooksrisuk, Virinsire Chomchey, Panu Wiansantia)

Location: Grand Postal Building

Playing with the reflection of lights, this installation takes advantage of the grandeur of the Grand Postal Building to showcase the changes in light and weather during the day.

Awakening Bangkok - OPPO R17 Pro
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

OPPO R17 Pro presents Seize the Night

Location: Grand Postal Building

Elegance meets enchantment in the OPPO R17 Pro’s Radiant Mist casing with fog lighting that flows between deep blue and purple hues. It can be said the beauty of the night is more delicate than the day. The R17 Pro brings you deeper into night's most enchanting moments, with powerful night shot settings that coax light through the dark to gently capture their allure.

Awakening Bangkok - Uncertainty
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

The Uncertainty of the Uniform

Artist: Saturate Design Studio (Designer: Peem Poolpol; Sound designer: Ella Griffin; Pixel programmer: Matthew Tantiveerakul)

Location: Basement of Grand Postal Building

A multidisciplinary light showcase that involves movement, digital graphics and complicated noises.
Warning: this performance contains a use of strobes, haze and loud noise

Awakening Bangkok - Lost Traveller
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

The Lost Traveller

Artist: Khopfa Chanpensri
Location: Soi Charoenkrung 32
Inspired by his personal experiences of “getting lost,”
Khopfa recreates his feelings of surprise—both positive
and negative—upon the realization that he had veered
off course, as well as the lights, sounds and forms that
accompanied his disorientation. The artist relives these
memories with a lighting installation that highlights
journeys of old, on boats along the Chao Phraya river and
on trains throughout the city.

Awakening Bangkok - Submerged
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


Artist: Saturate Design Studio (Designer: ruttharoj pitthacharoenthorn; lighting designer: peem poolpol; and production manager: panomkorn phumkua)

Location: Soi Charoenkrung 32

A site-specific installation that recreates an experience of being drown using a scrafolding to reflect on Thai people's inability to express their political thoughts.

Awakening Bangkok - Areacycle
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok


Artist: Muststart

Location: Soi Charoenkrung 32

Focusing on the abandonment of historical prosperity, Must Start upcycles unwanted waste to create a lighting installation that addresses the value that can be found in discarded objects.

Awakening Bangkok - A Way
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

A Way

Artist: Round and Nine

Location: Soi Charoenkrung 32 

“Newness” was what Charoenkrung Road was all about when it was first completed. Chaoroenkrung was a gateway of sorts, welcoming Bangkokians to the then uncertain future of modern trade and society. The artist reinterprets the idea of this “gateway” with a glowing door that looks to transport you to an unknown universe.

Awakening Bangkok - Silent Hypnosis
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok

Silent Hypnosis

Artist: Autosave

Location: WareHouse 30

Silent Hypnosis is an interactive light installation that responds to hand movements. Participants will be able to record a story in a form they define themselves, within a hushed and tranquil atmosphere.


Artist: Peem Poolpol
Location: O.P. Garden