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Hungry Ghost by Albrecht Pischel
Albrecht Pischel

Inspired by Documenta 14, one of the biggest art events taken place in Germany earlier this year, the Goethe-Institut Thailand decides to focus on the art scenes in both Germany and Thailand that reflect both societies. Cho why is transformed into a pop-up art space, and features a photo exhibition, an installation, and talks sessions which will connect and introduce German art scene to Thai audiences. 

Goethe Pop-up Art Space kicks off on the first October with a discussion on why major international art events should be considered significant with 3 speakers, Thanom Chapakdee, Kamol Phaosavasdi and Arin Rungjang who have experience in European art scene. The discussion will be in Thai with English translation. On 6-14 Oct, there are 2 art projects displaying at the venue: an installtion Hungry Ghost by Albrecht Pischel, artist-in-residence of the Goethe-Institut, that explores Chinese tradition of burning joss paper to ancestors in Thailand, and a photo exhibition, Worker Portraits 2007-2013 by Ralf Tooten who captures workers in Bangkok. Come on 9 Oct to listen to lecture and artist talk with Albrecht Pischel and Goethe-Institut director Maren Niemeyer about the current project "Hungry Ghosts." This will be in English.

Worker Portraits 2007-2013 by Ralf Tooten


Work by Arin Rungjang

By: Suthima Thongmark


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