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5 out of 5 stars
Ba Hao
ba hao
ba hao
ba hao
ba hao
ba hao
ba hao
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ba hao
ba hao

A Chinese-themed bar that’s worth a return to Soi Nana

Bangkok has recently been seeing the mushrooming of Orient-inspired bars across the city. But while most of these joints can boast of amazing interiors, there’s a noticeable lack of decent bar chow coming from their kitchens. And this is where Ba Hao, Soi Nana’s newest Chinese-themed watering hole, pleads a difference.

Ba Hao, which means “number eight” in Chinese (eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture), spreads over four floors that includes a cocktail bar as well as a small hotel. On the ground floor, a blinking neon-lit logo radiates a red glow that’s evocative of the lights and gritty feel of Shanghai’s red-light district. Home-style Chinese furniture, however, takes away any brothel notions by injecting the intimate vibe of an old-school coffee house. The second floor is a living room/lobby for guests checking into the hotel rooms on the third and fourth floors.

One of Ba Hao’s owners, Tikhamporn Chuenkittivoravat, is equipped with culinary training from Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and claims a kitchen stint at The China House, the hotel’s swanky dimsum outpost. She’s helped put together a relatively small but well-curated food menu featuring Chinese-style street eats that are bold in flavor and meant to be paired with booze. Start out with the cold savory-sweet tofu (B158) that’s immersed in a soup of herbal soy sauce, hoisin, and spicy sesame oil. The duck dumplings (B218) are fulfilling little pockets filled with shredded duck and served with a gingery sweet and sour sauce. Chinese scallion pancake is recreated as a burrito, loaded with perfectly-braised pork belly and fried egg. Clean your palate with the tangy soy pudding with goji berry jam (B158).

The bar offers a selection of craft beer in bottles and on tap. Mixologists from The Never Ending Summer and Junker Bar have helped out with the drinks list, creating Chinese-inspired concoctions with names like Forbidden Gold (Tsingtao beer with peach liquor and lime juice, B288), and a Negroni (B288) that’s given an Oriental twist with ginseng and a Chinese energy drink.


Venue name: Ba Hao
Address: 8
Soi Nana
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 18:00-24:00
Static map showing venue location