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Time Out meets Daniel Schofield

Meet the up-and-coming bartender from London who is one of the guest mixologists at World Class Cocktail Festival 2019

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Time Out Bangkok editors

He may have followed in his famous bartender brother’s footsteps, but Daniel Schofield is making a name for himself on his own merits. Schofield kicked off his bartending career as a barback at Jake’s Bar in Leeds, UK before moving to Paris to work at Little Red Door, the famous cocktail bar in the French capital. He is now back in his homeland as assistant bar manager at Coupette in London, which recently made it to the 18th slot in the list of World’s 50 Best Bars.

Why do you think London is the cocktail capital of the world?

In my humble opinion, what makes London great is that every bar has its own unique identity. Bar owners, bar operators, bartenders aren’t scared to pushthe boundaries and think outside the box. However, I am also very excited to see how the scene develops in smaller towns and cities around the world.

How does it feel to have a brother who’s also a bartender?

It’s great! Joe is the reason why I became a bartender in the first place. I am very excited to open our own bar, Schofield’s, soon.

What is your favorite classic cocktail?

A gin and tonic.

Tell us about the drinks you will be serving at your shift for World Class Cocktail Festival.

I will be serving four cocktails. Each is a slight twist on an existing classic cocktail. My favorite is the William Wallace, a mix of Johnnie Walker Gold Label, sweet vermouth, Pedro Ximenez sherry and orange bitters.

Is this your first time in Bangkok? What do you think of the bar scene here?

I visited Bangkok in 2016 with my brother and we were both very impressed by the bar scene.

If you could choose  one Thai ingredient to create your own cocktail, what would it be?

I’ve always been a huge fan of kaffir lime leaves.

Daniel Schofield will be taking over the mixing duties at St. Regis Bar on 5 June, from 20:00-23:30.

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