Levi's 2017 Pride Collection is here to fight stigma

By Top Koaysomboon

There’s more reason to love Levi’s. Alongside its new spring/summer collection, which also paid respects to its roots by relaunching the Orange Tab collection, Levi’s also introduced the fourth edition of its Pride Collection, the fashion line that embodies the brand’s stand in fighting for and protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community especially with regards to HIV.

Themed “Fight Stigma,” this collection takes inspiration from the campaign installed to raise awareness of HIV during the late 1980s. The messages gleaned from this campaign were reinterpreted into gender-neutral T-shirts (B890-990), denim shorts (B7,090) and a trucker jacket (B5,490). 

But this is not even the extent of everything Levi’s is doing for the LGBTQ community and the fight against HIV. Little do we know that in 1982, Levi’s became the first corporate donor to the first AIDS clinic in the world. To date, Levi’s has contributed more than US$70 million to HIV/AIDS organizations in more than 40 countries. Also, AZT (a medicine to treat HIV infection) has been listed as part of its heath care coverage plan to its employees since 1987. 

Let's take part in supporting what Levi’s is standing up for. The limited-edition Pride Collection is now available at selected Levi’s stores. Visit Levi’s Thailand website and Facebook page for more details.



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